If you want to decorate a romantic gift, weave of ribbon "Terry" bow – to do this, take a fairly stiff ribbon, which will hold the shape of a bow. Push the long end of the tape to the palm of your hand with your thumb and begin to wrap hand tape layer by layer until the desired thickness of the winding.
Remove the tape with the palm of your hand and flatten it. Cut off the corners with sharp scissors the top and the bottom, leaving the middle intact fragment and then expand the ribbon ring, aligning the cut out triangles.
In the Central point of the cut pieces of the tape between the tie a strong cord or wire, and then start to spread the loop of the bow, directing them in different directions at an angle to each other, to the bow turned out to be voluminous and round.
There is another way to make a lush bow like a flower. You'll need long lasting band. Start from the end of the tape 15 cm and fold the end into a loop, and then snap it with your fingers.
Make another loop, pushing it overlap to the first, then continue to do the loop the same size, until you reach the end of the tape.
Thin wire or cord securely drag and place the overlap of the loops and then fold the loops in different directions. The bow will be as lush as the one described above, but will look different. Such bows are best attached to large gifts, as well as bind them to the small but valuable gifts that you present to friends and family on important dates and important holidays.