You will need
  • - sick leave;
  • calculator or program "1C payroll and personnel".
Sick leave to care for a child under 15 years must be paid. If carried out patient care, the benefit charge in accordance with the experience of an employee claiming sick leave. For outpatient care charges are somewhat different. To 10 days you are required to pay an allowance, depending on experience, with an 11 day sick leave is payable at 50% of average earnings in 24 months, it does not matter what the General experience has staff.
As before, when experience more than 8 years charge allowance of 100% of average earnings in 24 months, from 5 till 8 years – 80% if total experience is less than 5 years, the charges produce at the rate of 60%.
When caring for a child from 7 to 15 years you can pay no more than 15 days per period of care. An employee is entitled to sick leave in one calendar year for 45 days, that is for the entire year for a child to take care of not more than three times for 15 days. If the child has frequent and it needs care, sick leave can make a mother, father, close relatives.
Limitation of care does not apply to those parents of a child who is disabled. In this case, within one calendar year you can pay for 120 days of sick leave. Care is not time limited, if the child suffered from vaccination, and as a result became disabled or began to get sick often and if the child is HIV-positive.
The average-earnings calculation for payment of benefits to sick leave is no different than if an employee calls in sick himself, and in this regard has received sick leave. For the calculation of benefits add up all the amount earned in 2 years, divide by the number of calendar days in the calculation period. The result is the average daily wage. Further, the calculation of the produce, depending on seniority and type of care.