You will need
  • seeds, sand, seedling box, soil, shovel, land, lake, water, fertilizer
Mix equal parts peat, compost and garden soil. Fill with a mixture of boxes of seedlings. Tamp and thoroughly water. Chamomile seeds are quite small, so before planting they should be mixed with dry river sand in the ratio 1:1. So they will be easier to plant. Visivite seeds in two rows, preferably not very thick, otherwise then will have to dive seedlings.
Water seedlings as the soil is drying out, but not more often than once in two or three days. More frequent watering may lead to rotting of the barely hatched, but not yet who rise seeds. The drying of soil is also undesirable for young sprouts. Therefore, observe the water balance. When seedlings emerge, be sure to move the boxes in a Sunny place. Chamomile – a plant of long light day, shading will lead to a thinning and stretching of the seedlings, and to allow in any case impossible.
Feed the flowers at the stage of the third true leaf. It is better to use a combined fertilizer, composed of nitrogen, potassium and superphosphate in the ratio of approximately 2:1,5:1. Per liter of water is enough to take 3-4 g of the fertiliser.
Opt for chamomile suitable site. Dig the ground to a depth of the pin shovels. Make rotted manure, which can replace the compost with earth. Good pour. Make holes in three rows, having them in chessboard order on distance of 20-30 cm from each other. To each well additionally pour water and let soak. The exceptions are heavy clay soils with bad drainage. If that is the case, the water in the wells pouring should not be, stagnant water is not the best way affects the survival rate of the daisies.
Planted flowers in the evening, after the plot will go direct sun. Try to take out a plant with a clod of earth, so reduces the chance of injury to young roots. After planting the seedlings, sprinkle its fertile land. If the days are hot and dry – over mulch the soil around the daisies. As mulch you can choose sawdust, or very fine clay.
Take care of flowers, watering regularly, loosen (pushing the mulch), fertilize with liquid organic fertilizers. When they enter at the time of flowering, don't forget to snap off faded blossoms. Thus will stimulate new flower buds, and chamomile, respectively, longer than to please the eye.