Normal chamomile, which grows in yards, for therapeutic purposes will not work. Required pharmacy chamomile, you can find it anywhere: pond, river, road, or field and forest. Here only it occurs not so often.

Pharmacy Daisy differs from the usual appearance and odor. In height it reaches 20-40 cm and exudes a strong fragrance. Despite the fact that flowering medicinal chamomile begins in may, healing properties it acquires only the beginning of June. Finishes flowering usually in September.

How to assemble a Daisy

It is not recommended to assemble a Daisy near roads, railway lines, landfills, etc. the Flowers perfectly absorbs odors and toxic substances.

To go to the collection of chamomile should be early in the morning in dry weather. It in the morning in plants aktiviziruyutsya the processes of photosynthesis and produces a greater amount of nutrients.

Carefully pluck the flowerswithout damaging the roots. So you save a plant and it will flower next year. Choose healthy juicy chamomile, useful substances in them is much greater than in fading.

How to dry chamomile

Before you dry the chamomile, it needs to sort out. Separate the flowers from the stems and leaves, remove the defective copies, the remains of the earth, other plants.

The quality of the drying depends medicinal properties of harvested chamomile, so you need to carefully choose the place. It is impossible to dry flowers in the sun. Under the influence of light and heat they will begin to deteriorate.

Choose a dark, dry place. Perfect attic, closet or place behind a sofa. Lay the flowers on paper and turn several times a day.

Another method of drying chamomile – hung ripped together with stems of the flowers are "upside down". Tie them in bundles and place at a distance of 20-30 cm from each other. Make sure that the plant does not get sunlight.

If you did everything correctly, as a result of drying flowers do not change color and smell. They are just reduced in size and weight to 70-75%.

Try the plants again and pack them into cardboard boxes or cotton bags. You can use glass jars, cover is only cover them with the cloth and wrap the thread. But in metal containers flowers it is better not to store. Daisy needs to "breathe", otherwise the broth will acquire an unpleasant bitter taste.

Medicinal chamomile, dried in bundles, can hang on the wall to one and a half years, while maintaining its properties.