Advice 1: How to grow daisies in the apartment

Beautiful delicate daisies in open ground, his delight blooming from April until the summer. But these hardy flowers are can be grown in an apartment on the windowsill, achieving long-flowering in the winter months.
How to grow daisies in the apartment
Daisy translated from Greek means "pearl". These delicate little flowers won the hearts of flower lovers throughout the world. Despite its modest appearance and a certain homeliness that distinguish the daisies from the lush garden flowers, this little flower has many legends and stories about its origin. In Russian folk tales, when the sugar ran to bewitched Sadko, she ripped a necklace of river pearls. Pearls were scattered on the ground and turned into Daisy, symbolizing purity and innocence, love and tears.

The cultivation of annuals outlet

It is easy to grow daisies in the room to replant annual flower rosette street in pots somewhere in mid-fall, to lowering daily temperatures below 8 ° C heat. By that time Daisy will already be in a state of rest and preparation for the future flowering.

Soil for transplanting should be light, loose and fertile, with the addition of humus and sand for vlagopoglotiteli. Plants should be placed in a well-lit window and a couple of weeks to start fertilizing. With this planting time flowering will begin in December and will continue through the winter.

Growing daisies from seeds on the windowsill

Growing from seeds involves the impossibility of obtaining grown to the threshold of flowering rosettes. But, nevertheless, spent almost a year on the cultivation of seedlings, it is possible to achieve active flowering daisies, grown initially at room conditions. Seeds sown in boxes in March-April. After germination seedlings contained a Sunny window and watered very sparingly, as daisies do not tolerate waterlogging.

When the sprouts will start to form rosettes, flowers are seated and are grown as an ordinary houseplant from spring until autumn. The subsequent success of flowering depends on the period of rest which is necessary to ensure that young rosettes. For this purpose, the pots with daisies in the month of November must be placed in a cool bright room and reduce watering to a minimum, or to remove the seedlings in the cellar and watered at all.

The rest period is about two to three months. Once the day begins to significantly increase (January-February), the plants are transferred to a bright window and resume watering. Daisies bloom in a few weeks and with good care bloom for several months.

Advice 2: How to grow flowers from seeds

Flowers in the rooms add to the atmosphere a feeling of warmth and coziness. Today houseplant you can buy in a specialty store, but to grow your own with seeds. These flowers will delight you and your loved ones all year round.
How to grow flowers from seeds
You will need
  • - seeds of plants;
  • - capacity for cultivation;
  • - grunt.
Geranium is a favorite of many women and one of the most common plants grown on the windowsills. Be prepared for the fact that the first shoots may appear only after 20 days. The most appropriate time for planting – December-January. Get the soil loose and fertile, and before planting, add a little sand. Many stores sell ready-made substrates for potted plants. Land can also fertilize with humus, thus you will increase the germination of seeds.
Prepare a small capacity, with special drainage holes. The potting soil before planting seeds pour a weak solution of potassium permanganate. Sowing produce on top, slightly prisypaya ground. After this, the tank is cover with glass or plastic wrap. Take care of sufficient light plants, with direct sunlight is not desirable.
It would appear the first shoots of geranium, film (glass) is clear. Now, the plant can put on a well-lit windowsill. Water sprouts are moderately. At emergence of the first leaves, transplant the seedlings into individual pots.
Streptocarpus is a wonderful plant with a rather long flowering period and variety of colors. In good light it can flower all year round. Seeding is best produce in the spring. Capacity prepare shallow with holes for water drainage. The most suitable soil for growing streptocarpus – a mixture of vermiculite, peat and agroperlite, taken in equal proportions. To acquire such substrates can at a specialty store.
Scatter the seeds evenly in the container and lightly sprinkle the ground. Sowing, place in a bright and warm place. Before the first shoots of planted seeds cover with plastic wrap (glass). Don't forget to air and to water them. After the emergence of the first leaves of shoots of seedlings in individual pots.
Gloxinia – fairly easy to grow and undemanding in care. The soil for planting, select with a high content of peat. The substrate for planting may mix with organic and mineral fertilizers.
Choose a small capacity, ideal plastic disposable cups. Immediately after sowing the seeds cover them with plastic wrap or glass. Thus you will create a good atmosphere for germination of sprouts. After the first film leaves off and transplant the seedlings into individual pots.
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