You will need
  • - statement of the district;
  • - a statement to the court.
In accordance with articles No. 619 and No. 620 of the civil code, you have the right to terminate the contract unilaterally and evict the tenants without giving them reasons. But warn your tenants two months prior to the eviction by sending them a registered letter with the investment inventory. Give them all the advances that have been made forward. Pay a penalty for early termination of the contract in the amount of the rent of the apartment for one month.
You have the right to terminate the contract without notice and to evict tenants if they violate any clause of the contract. Often there are situations when a contract is broken, but to drive out tenants is impossible. In this case, contact the law enforcement, invite the local police inspector and use it to get your tenants.
If you can't get tenants even with the participation of law enforcement agencies, to apply to the arbitration court. Please submit a rental agreement and a photocopy of it. Sufficient basis for a positive court ruling on the eviction will be:- late payment of rent for housing;- destruction of property, which was leased;- the use of the property for other purposes, specified in the agreement;- the repeated violations of public order;- delivery of housing in the sublease without your permission;- other violations that the court finds sufficient and significant for the forced eviction of tenants.
If there is a court order you can not return the received advance payments and not pay a penalty for early termination of the contract. If you suffered significant losses as a result of property damage, we have the right to obtain from tenants financial compensation. The entire amount of damages to specify in the statement of claim, attach documentary proof.