You will need
  • The computer program Photoshop
If you do not have Adobe Photoshop, you need to initially install it. If you do not have the installation file, you can download this program online. Once the installation file is downloaded, install the program on your computer and reboot the system for changes to take effect.
After you restart the system, open Photoshop. In the top bar find "File" (the first tab) and clicking on it, click "Open". The program will launch the startup window in which you need to select an image for further work. Once you have selected a picture, click "Open" and wait for it to download the program. Once the image is uploaded, you will be able to begin work on improving its quality.
Ways to improve the quality of the pictures in the program several. However, other ways to improve the quality of the image will require certain skills of work with the program and are quite complicated. In this case, the opposite is true: you do not need to have any experience with Photoshop, but the process is very simple.
In the left part of the program you will see the Photoshop tools. You need to find the Sharpen tool" (indicated as a black triangle). After selecting this tool, place the mouse on the image, you will see a circle. You need to specify the diameter of this circle by clicking on the picture, right-click. Determine the diameter, hold the left mouse button and treat the entire area of the image. The picture will become clearer.
To save the changes, select the menu "File" select "Save as". As a format, specify the JPEG. When saving you need to determine the maximum quality for the pictures.