You will need
  • - form of employment record;
  • - fountain pen.
Record education is representative of the employer (and only them, in any case not by the employee) on the basis of documents of the employee such as a school of certificate of complete or incomplete secondary education, the document of primary professional or a diploma of secondary or higher professional.
Under the line about education there are several options of levels to choose from: lower secondary, secondary, incomplete higher and higher.
If the employee does not have a diploma of the University, is selected and is crossed the corresponding value. If available, you can specify that higher education directly in the graph.
On the basis of the document about professional education is filled also count on the profession (specialty).
If profession at which is arranged a worker, no special training is required, you can specify it without documents.
But it is preferable to leave this field blank: because the employee can master a particular profession afterwards. Besides, this entry is done according to the law strictly on the basis of documents of the qualification.