First of all, decide the location and type of future buildings.
The terrace can be open (without specially built a roof over them), and closed (the roof is available). Open terrace covered with twine plants and flowers, will decorate your house. But the roof-mounted enclosed terrace will protect you from rain and the scorching sun.
Best of all, when the terrace adjacent to the housethat provides access to it directly from home. If this is impossible, the way out of the house and terrace can be joined using the gallery.
A place for the construction selected, purchased materials for the construction. It's time to get down to business.
Since the terrace is not of heavy construction, Foundation make of the columns, built of red brick. On top of them, through the insulation, lay the Foundation of the future terraces, made of wooden beams cross-section 200x200mm.
Wooden beams (the base of the terrace) connect the joists from the calculation of their installation in 50-70cm. The joists are made of wooden bars section 50х100мм, attach "on the edge". They lay and sew the batten.
If the terrace is planned is closed, the base mount and secure it to the upright. In this case, it is necessary that the Foundation was more powerful, for example, belt type. On top of the uprights to make the harness and it will fix the truss system. Then sew the crate, lay the roofing material.
Because the terrace and the house are not connected, try to visually combine these two different structures. This stone plinth terrace with brick or tile pattern, similar to the finish of the same material of the walls of the house.
Equip one or more outputs from the terrace to the garden.