Simple brick box without any decoration – this is not an option for us. It is necessary to make the floor not to walk on frozen winter in the winter and dirt in the offseason. The ceiling is better to sheathe the plasterboard, to insert a normal door and not to forget the partition. Let a partition to divide the extension into 2 areas. Then on the first floor it is possible to make concrete and the second floor plank, at the level of entrance directly into the house. Under this floor you can store anything, fuel for example.
In the cold wall is not cracked, the Foundation for the extension must be the same as the Foundation under the house. Otherwise, the floor in the Annex building will inevitably freeze, suchiva and raising the soil and abutting walls built premises in the walls of the house. And ultimately this leads to shifts of individual parts of the walls relative to each other and cracking.
For pouring the Foundation you need to use the trim piles which are hammered in the construction of houses, and put them with a bunch at the corners of the extension. In this case, the Foundation will not be destroyed, and then and the walls.