House cat from a cardboard box

The easiest option is to build a cozy nest for cat of the most ordinary cardboard boxes. This case will perfectly fit the box from the printer, microwave ovens, crock pots, TV's and other appliances overall. Some cat owners manage to use as a house box for parcels "Mail of Russia". Most importantly, the size of the box allows the cat to stand inside a full-length, as well as to rotate around its axis.

Materials and tools

For the construction of the house cat will need:

- box made of cardboard;

carpet or an old Mat;

- waterproofing material;

- a sharp knife;


- pencil and ruler;

- wide tape.

As a waterproofing material can be a special Mat under the roof and wooden floors. It is easy to find in almost any hardware store. If you decide to use a new carpet and waterproofing material, keep in mind that they are the first time will provide a pungent smell that is unlikely to appeal to pet. Therefore, let the material "rest up". It usually takes not less than two weeks.

House cat out of the box: step-by-step guide


In one of the walls of the box neatly cut hole. It will be the future entrance. This hole should be very spacious and your pet could easily get into the house, but not too big, so the cat felt comfortable in his lair.

Secure with duct tape all sash hinged on the sides of the boxes so that they are unable to open and stop further work.

Interior trim

Carefully cut a piece of waterproofing material. Its width and length should be enough to wrap two side walls and the bottom of the box. Material width should match the width of the box. Push the material inside the box through the entrance hole. Expand it and stick, gradually applying the glue on the bottom and sides of the box. For these purposes it is better to use glue for hot bonding.

Cut three strips of waterproofing material. One of them stick on the ceiling of the house from the inside, the other on the rear wall, and the third – again on the floor so the cat was warm. Then cut another piece of material of appropriate size to paste over the space around the entrance. It will be useful to stick the waterproofing material to the joint between the floor and the rear wall of the house, so there were no gaps. Such insulation will keep heat inside the house.

Exterior decor

Glue the outer part of the house carpet. Stick it on the front, give it a good dry, then neatly cut the entry hole with a sharp knife, digressing a little from the edges. Make the corners "false" loop diagonal cuts and fold the strip of carpet inside the house. Then glue them with glue.

Now allow the house to dry out well. It takes 3-5 days. Put inside a warm blanket or a small pillow and call the cat to celebrate the new home.

Of course, you can do much easier - not to use carpeting for the exterior trim, and just paint the box with paint or Wallpaper. However, using a carpet, you will kill two birds with one stone: get a shelter, and a scratching post for your beloved pet in one.