First, smooth and delicate skin makes the exfoliation, so in any case do not forget about regular exfoliation while showering. The scrub should contain gentle but effective ingredients to have a good scrub and soften the upper keratinized layer of the skin. You could use a ready-made scrubs from cosmetic stores on nutrient basis, and to cook!
Here are a couple of recipes for effective and natural scrub that is so easy to cook at home. Take the dried peel of oranges pairs, mash in a coffee grinder and mix a small amount of rose water. This aromatic product is amazing, will improve the appearance of your skin, giving it a radiant healthy color and softness. The other way to make the skin glossy and soft, and gives a tanned tint - scrub of natural coffee. Mix coffee with a small amount of whipping cream, if your skin is very dry areas and massage well body. Rinse with warm water.
Nourish the skin! However, selected funds does not have to solidify oily film. Better if they will be carefully and completely absorbed into the skin. So, a daily nutrition and hydration is the key to beautiful and radiant skin, especially that now you can find many lotions and creams flicker and small reflective particles.
Use the body butter, it is desirable for children, as it is very lean, easily and absorbs quickly, leaving skin soft, smooth and slightly shiny. You can add various essential oils to give the skin a scent - for example, grapefruit, orange, patchouli.
Help your skin Shine from the inside, it's quite simple: drink enough water, avoid junk food, eat fruits and vegetables, drink vitamins - and then the efforts to make skin look amazing, will need quite a few!