You will need
  • scrub, facial mask (rice and milk), moisturizer, powder Foundation, translucent powder.
To achieve a natural whiteness, that is what defines porcelain skin, you need to consult a whitening masks and exfoliating tools. First get rid of the peeling (if any) on the skin, remove otmertvevshih cells with a scrub or any other exfoliating agent.
Now you can apply a skin facial mask with whitening effect. Many people use masks to align and improve the complexion. Bleaching and the tone tool can be cooked at home. For example, rice mask. Grind in a coffee grinder half a Cup of rice, mix 2 tbsp of rice flour with hot milk to a creamy consistency, then apply on face a few drops of vegetable oil, wait until it absorbed and then apply on face and neck rice mask. After 10 minutes carefully remove it with a damp cloth, and apply moisturizer.
To create a face perfect tone and hide minor imperfections, use the powder first base (makeup artists sometimes suggest to use a very light-skinned girls base green colour, because it perfectly camouflages visible on the porcelain skin of small wreaths and capillaries). After leveling the base with a brush apply a translucent compact or loose powder. It will make your face expressive and give it some lightness.