The following options make-up was developed by professionals of the West for models of podiums, but they are easy to implement in modern everyday life. Such makepy will always be the place, regardless of time of day and season. And will attract admiring glances of potential gentlemen.


This make-up emphasis on the eyes. Skin tone should be matte, without a blush. Lips coated in a clear gloss, or without anything at all. Eyes: upper eyelids are selected shadow metallic shades: gold, bronze, silver, on the lower – contrast metallic colors.

"The rebel"

In this embodiment creates the image a bit brash, sexy, but not slutty girls. Matira skin tone a light tan. Cheekbones are accentuated with a blush of a soft pink color. Eye – shadow-metallic shade of champagne. On the lower eyelid apply a fine line of black eyeliner. Lips play a crucial role in this performance is make-up. Lipstick color: scarlet, bright red.


Makeup creates an image of a vivid girl at the party the night beach, but at the same time innocent and naive. Matira skin tone tan. Blush in a bright orange tone. Eyeshadow tropical shades: blue, electric, celadon, pale green. Lips pripudrivayut. And most importantly: a very large number of carcasses.

"The beach hottie"

By and large, this makeup and can't be fully called makeup. Skin tone: dark tan, matte. The warm blush hue. The lips are not painted at all, or lightly powdered. Eyes accentuated by black eyeliner. Line liner, clear, wide. Ink is not used.


The image of a romantic young lady, refined but modern. Skin tone: a gentle, natural. Blush mother-of-pearl, coral color. Lips painted a delicate shade of pink or beige. Mother-of-pearl shadows in shades of Nude. Inner corners of eyelids darker shadows. Ink is missing.

Using these types of makeup can always be vibrant, interesting girl like the cover of a glossy magazine.