Advice 1: How to make face shiny

Some try to achieve a matte effect to the skin, and some don't have a light healthy Shine. To make the face shiny by using properly superimposed makeup. Before you begin, you should understand that you need to achieve not greasy, but a light, slightly watery flicker and glare of your skin.
How to make face shiny
Prepare the necessary cosmetics, makeup and matching accessories. From cosmetic products you need a day face cream and thermal spring water (or equivalent). From cosmetics take tinted moisturizer, powder, light pearl shade of white or a yellowish-pink shade of blush with fine pearl particles two shades of the same color. To blend the makeup better to not use the accessories that are included with cosmetics, and to have a special brush.
Apply on the face its normal tool for daily skin care of the face and allow it to soak. For best results, can easily "drive" it into the skin with fingertips. This massage will improve blood circulation, enhance the skin tone.
With a brush, sponge or fingers to apply the face Foundation and blend it well. If you are not using a light Foundation the basics (fluids), and more dense means, apply the Foundation dry or wet with a sponge, so it will be more thin and even layer. Keep to clear boundaries between the Foundation line of the chin, neck and hair roots. As needed mask corrector imperfections.
A wide brush to apply dry powder to the entire face (and neck if necessary). Dusting is done in order to finally align the complexion, so don't overdo it with the amount of powder.
Irrigate the face with thermal water or a similar solvent from a spray. Keep it at a distance of 15-20 cm from the face. Try not to get on the eyelids and skin around the eyes. Remove excess moisture short movements of the face, do not move the skin, not "smear" the moisture, so as not to damage the layer of superimposed makeup.
The top edge of the cheekbones and middle of forehead emphasize light shadows (just don't overdo it – you are not painting the cheeks and forehead, and create only a small point of light). Mix the end of one brush for blush slightly pearlescent white shades and light tones of blush and apply it on the protruding part of the cheekbones.
Under your cheekbone, apply blush in a darker shade of the border blend. Designate the same shade the contours of the face, brush on powder evenly over the jawline and the hair roots. Border thoroughly blend. The excess blush and shadow swipe wide clean brush.

Advice 2: How to make face brighter

There are occasions when after the summer tan skin became very dark and this color does not fit your style or way of life, incompatible with the position at work, in this case, it is possible to lighten the skin. Besides, nowadays in fashion a bright and natural complexion.
How to make face brighter
You will need
  • - raw potato
  • - cucumbers
  • - tomatoes
  • - lemon juice
  • almonds
  • - milk
  • - wheat
  • - cheese
  • - med
  • - oatmeal
  • - cane sugar
To get rid of dark complexion, you can prepare the mixture of grated potatoes. Raw potato can help lighten the skin. To do this, grate a raw potato, put in cheesecloth and apply to sunburned skin for 15-20 minutes. After the procedure, wash in cold water. For best result repeat the procedure for 10 days.
Similarly, it is possible to apply cucumber and tomatoes. For more effective result, you can mix the resulting consistency with lemon juice.
Will help to make the face lighter raw almonds, mixed with milk. To do this at night to drop 4 almond in a glass of milk. By morning the mixture to grind and apply on the skin for 15 minutes, after wash with cold water. Almond milk will not only help to get rid of the tan but make your skin more beautiful.
To get rid of the tan will also help wheat, mixed with cottage cheese. But this recipe should be taken regularly for 2 weeks.
To lighten the skin you can use creams and scrubs, but they should consist of natural and safe ingredients. If you don't trust the manufacturers of scrubs, it is possible to cook by yourself at home.
For example, a fairly complex recipe for a homemade scrub to lighten the skin: honey, oatmeal, milk and brown cane sugar. Mix all the ingredients and preparing from it a paste, apply it on the face, can achieve the exfoliation tanned skin.
For a beautiful complexion and fair skin need to be healthy, eat more fruits and vegetables, get enough sleep.
Artificially lighten up the face using creams and powder in bright colors. This method will make the skin bright and fast, but, unfortunately, requires daily use.
To make the face brighter is quite simple and painless. Spending at home treatments from our well-known products in just 10-15 days to achieve the desired result.
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