To search for the answer to this question is usually adopted young boys and girls experiencing the feeling of love for the first time. They want to understand themselves, to understand what this feeling is this really love or just a passing fad.

There are several symptoms of being in love, most of which is caused by the release of adrenaline: rapid heart rate, elevated mood, increase in involuntary of the pupils, goose bumps, lack of appetite and even feelings of intoxication. This condition can last from a few days to 1-1.5 years.

Love can grow into a feeling of great love, when the gusts are not as passionate but more thoughtful and intelligent. Big love is characterized by affection, devotion, desire to take care of a close person.

Philosophical treatises describe love as a feeling of deep attachment to another person. This topic is a cornerstone in the world culture and art.

The famous Russian philosopher Vladimir Sergeyevich Soloviev singled out three main types of love:
- a love that gives more than it receives. Refers to this love of parents to children;
- the love that gets more than it gives. It refers to a love of children to parents;
- a love that equally gives and receives. To this philosopher brought the love of the spouses.

The ancient Greek thinkers have identified 4 basic types of love:
- "Eros" - a spontaneous ecstatic love, extolling the object of veneration;
- "Philia" is friendship love;
- storge" tender family love;
"Agape" - sacrificial love, such as love of God to man.

There are more mundane answers to the question what love is. Some modern scholars consider it a dangerous disease that can adversely affect human health. First and foremost, this is due to the experienced stress and loss of alertness. Especially dangerous are the feelings that arise when unrequited love or the loss of a loved one. In such cases, there is a real danger of developing cardiovascular diseases.

To understand what you are experiencing is love, it is necessary that your feelings were constant, not fading in the distance. If today you are in love, and then saw a man a few days and realize that the feelings gradually began to fade away, then most likely it is not love.

To recognize love is very difficult, but the main symptom is that you want to be together, no matter what hardships, strife, separation. If your feelings are such, no doubt there is love!