Is it true? Either this statement is just private opinion?

Of course, we all know that the idea of love plays a big role in education, which is lacking in the modern generation. Is that bad parenting, bad language and lack of taste prevent to call modern girl "lady." Love is not built on a beautiful outfit and calling makeup or on a fat wallet, and the mystery of a beautiful soul and a sensitive heart, and kindness and tenderness. Hardly famous Italian poet Francesco Petrarca loved Laura for the beautiful outfit and solid state.

But today still has a small percentage of people, which remains a sense of romance, sophistication, etiquette. There were men, not forgotten how to love their women, give them flowers, write sonnets and poems, to confess his feelings so that my heart stops with excitement, one word – not all gentlemen are extinct. Same thing with girls - they are loyal, sensitive and fragile, like a delicate flower that you want to protect, they are smart and talented, beautiful.

So look for your love, believe in it and try to improve ourselves, to nurture your soul and maybe you will meet in life people who love you and whom you give your heart.