For what event and to whom to pick a bouquet of peonies?

Bouquet of chrysanthemums is perfect for many events: birthday, date, wedding, anniversary, ceremonial rituals. Discreet charm of this flower allow florists to create a very elegant solid or mixed compositions.

Give a bouquet of white or cream-colored small chrysanthemums the bride. For a young girl entering into a new life, it would be more appropriate than the traditional compositions with roses. Buy bouquet of large-flowered chrysanthemums for his wife as a sign of tenderness and love. Choose flowers of deep cherry, wine-red or Burgundy shades for Mature women with a high respected position.

Floral etiquette and symbolism. What to pay attention?

Floral etiquette does not prohibit to present a bouquet of roses and man. In this case it is better to choose yellow shades. It is a symbol of power, wealth and nobility. Select as a gift a single pot of flowering potted chrysanthemums. You can't go wrong if you give a bouquet to the teacher on a professional holiday. Chrysanthemum admire the abundant flowering, not especially whimsical. Perhaps that is why it is a symbol of longevity and good health.

Bouquet to close friends, relatives or good friends it is possible to choose, taking into account individual preferences. Personal preference will be quite appropriate, even if they do not coincide with the traditional associations. They sometimes contradict each other. For example, the red color is a symbol of love and life, as well as the color of blood, anger and revenge. White is a symbol of purity and innocence, sorrow and mourning, Golden – sunshine and happiness, but also hatred and separation.

And whether stereotypes?

Flowers – the most common and traditional gift taken by someone and when the rules made to navigate in the modern world. But today, some stereotypes become irrelevant. For example, the same Association of colors. Modern technologies allow to grow any flowers are different, even unusual colours, almost all year round. By the way, the chrysanthemum was originally only yellow. Now florists offer bouquets and green, and with dark, almost black colors.

Modern bouquet is incomparable, unique. Give only positive and pleasant emotions. Floral arrangements are designed to emphasize the solemnity of the situation, as well as the importance of a person. Perhaps it is not necessary to divide them on wedding and funeral, appropriate and inappropriate. Do not complicate your life with unnecessary stereotypes! Give a variety of flowers relatives and loved ones, be happy and remember that life is beautiful!