The function call history allows users to talk with someone by using voice and video. The "classmates" do not need to install any other additional app. Simply promptly update the Adobe Flash Player. A new version of this software will provide quality work service. You will also need a microphone, headphones, speakers, or web camera, with which you will be able not only to make voice calls, but also see companion. To see each other, both users will need the camera. However, if not, you can do without them. In this case, you can only vote communication. But most importantly, during these calls you will not have to pay a dime. And this is the main advantage of "Classmates".

So, you are all set: set the camera, adjusted the sound. Now you can try to call a friend. Click on the button "Messages". Then from the friends list on the left, select the desired interlocutor. Please note, call you can only users who are online. In addition, the user should definitely be in your friends list. Otherwise, to communicate with it will fail. But when you log on to the website your friend will immediately receive a notification that you were trying to reach.

If you wish, you can record a voice or video message to your friend. Then when you log on to the site they will be able to listen to or watch. Simply click the "Burn" button in the working window of the application "Calls" and saying the text.

And now a little more about the calls. In the "Message" select a friend with whom communication plan and press the icon button of the camera. Wait a few seconds while loads the app. If your friend is not online, you will be asked to record the conversation.

If a friend is online, select "full screen" (upper right corner). This dialog is divided into two parts: in the first – in the upper left corner you can see your picture (the same picture I see and your interlocutor), in the main you will see your friend.

Then you just have to set the sound, enable or disable the microphone, to enable or disable video, perform other settings.

Exiting the app, you will also be able to write my companion a text message.

Go to calls, and personal user page. Enough under the main photo and select "Call".