Each of us is unique. This is important for our family and friends, but not the employer. Hiring a new employee, he seeks, first, a person needs competence, and secondly, who will be a pleasure to work with him and his team, which has already formed. While every employer has a certain stereotype of a good employee. The nuances of course, he is different, but there is a certain set of qualities that need to show to produce at the interview a good impression.
As a rule, any employer expects from the employee such qualities as:
1. Courtesy. Ham or rude is not like anyone.
2. Adequacy. If you ask a question, you should answer it on the merits. Don't need extra details, trying to be more original than others.
3. Ability to handle stress. This is important for almost any employer. Stress does not mean that the applicant should remind the robot, however, whether talking about stress excessive emotionality, anxiety in the head, etc.
4. the ability to solve problems. Any employee hired with a specific purpose. Manager on work with clients - to attract customers, the office Manager is to ensure all the necessary office, lawyer"deal with arbitrage" - for doing (and winning) cases in arbitration courts. It is important to show yourself as a person, able to find the problem and achieve its solution, to work, to take the initiative.
5. a positive attitude. Good-natured and sociable sanguine more pleasant to talk to and work, rather than introverted melancholic.
Skills of self-presentation, i.e. manifest himself in the interview with the best hand, can be developed. First, one who is not very confident can practice on friends. Let your friend get to spend some time with the employer and ask you questions, which you can usually hear in the interview. The conversation can be recorded on tape, to listen to and perform, what exactly is your problem that you need to change to make a good impression on the employer.
It so happens that the rejection received after an interview for a company that seemed suitable, so demoralizing, that every interview is a huge stress: and suddenly here will refuse? That's often the way it happens, because you have already come configured for refusal. Things like attitude, hard to describe, but often they become our problem. The HR Manager you would really like it if he didn't seem as if you are afraid of something, not enough confident, look dull. This can and must be fought, because if you refused several times, this does not mean that you do not qualify all other employers. Try to relax on the way to the interview, listen transport music, fantasize that you are not going to the interview, and already work in the company that you will find an interesting project. Such a small internal training can enable you to produce the interview, a favorable impression.