Use gifts to appease. Alas, studies show that you are either beautiful and sincerely speak to her, or for each scandal presents. Anyway, until you began to grind your skill to talk to women, gifts can be a temporary salvation of your relationship. A gift does not replace the conversation, but could be a good opportunity to start one.
To deter aggression. Emotional men often has an aggressive connotation. Because men by nature have more testosterone and adrenaline. But these hormones must be given in the blood during scandals. Men do apologize, sometimes mockingly. And about the problems they say condescendingly. Control the anger in his speech, if you want to establish contact with the wife.
Learn to talk about emotions maximized. Monosyllabic phrases like "Cool!", "Great!" or "Neato!" leave friends. A woman wants to hear a detailed outline of what you love or annoying. Monosyllables in conversation with the wife to get rid of not worth it.
Find the courage to forgive and ask for forgiveness. Forgiveness is an act of boldness and courage. And ask for forgiveness, and give it can only the really brave person. Don't think that apology can humiliate you. Be able to admit they were wrong. And it don't make me apologize twice.