Advice 1: How to return the wife and child

Many in life there are situations which we are not only proud of, but remember this is not you want. If this happens to you, then you lost a wifeand child, it is possible to take it all back. It is clear that the time machine had not been invented, but re-establish a relationship with the family and friends.
How to return?
You will need
  • The desire to return the child and wife.
Children are our everything, and if you have any question about how to return the child, you probably already know that. In General, return the location of the child and its trust, if you have certainly not done anything really terrible, it is easy, because it stretches subconsciously and will be attracted to you as one of the closest people he knows from birth. Just talk with the baby, even if it is quite scarce, apologize to him, even if no apparent reason, and tell him that you love him.
Return of the wife, undoubtedly, complicated. But here, everything is in your hands. And it is from your commitment and desire to be with this woman and everything depends. For starters, let his wife to vent – let it say everything he thinks about you, and you try not to interrupt, even if you do not agree.
After the end of the monologue, " tell me what you thought, and realized and clearly define the terms in which you are ready to change and really do it. As soon as your spouse will see the specific change, not words, to be sure – she will come back to you.
In order to return to his wife and child, you may need a lot of time, so be patient and do not despair.
Useful advice
Communicating with his wife and child, tell the truth and do not hesitate to describe the emotions, so they will be easier to understand and forgive you.

Be sure to explain to the kid and wife, what motivated you to all of the things that made them get away from you, and tell me why you will never do that – believe me, it is captivating.

Advice 2 : How to get back ex-wife

Most of the family leaves the husband, not the wife. And that is why the betrayal of the weak half is more tragic. Woman, to create comfort and calm in the house, is perceived often almost as a decoration. And destroys the usual life of men. At first he may not even realize the severity of the problem. But after a short period of time will understand how difficult the loss.
How to get back ex-wife
Take a short break. For example, for 3-4 weeks. Tear off all contacts with his ex-wife. Do not communicate with her even by phone. During this time, try to change for the better. Get active, start to attend additional courses or find a new job. Not be amiss to update your wardrobe and change the haircut. The former spouse should see you in a new way.
Start to analyze all the mistakes you made during your communication. Surely the wife told you why she was leaving. If the problem is in you then try to change. For example, if the ex-wife accused you of inertia and laziness, become more active person. Of course, to change themselves in a short period of time quite difficult, so to achieve the result you can go to a psychologist.
If the spouse left because of feelings for another man, become better than he is. Try to prove to her that you are more than worthy candidate. For once, she was your other half, so you were attractive to her. Try again to generate interest among spouses.
When communicating with a former spouse don't start fights and scandals. You need to communicate quietly. Even if she provokes you to the conflict, get away from him. Move the conversation to another topic.
Make the former spouse a pleasant surprise. This can be a bouquet of flowers, a nice gift or just a well-spent evening. Solve her little problem and don't ask for anything. Move your relationship in a different direction. Prove her that you have no complaints, and you're ready to communicate with her as a friend. After a month relaxing, can talk to her about your relationship. As often as possible create a situation that will remind her of the pleasant moments spent with you. Because in your life there was a lot of good. And if the woman will be on this regularly to remember that soon she will want to return to the relationship.
Give her a holiday
Prove her that you love her. For this you need to regularly tell her about his feelings, to compromise, and in any case not to quarrel with her. As they say, the water wears away the stone not by force and frequency of impact. And your job is to be always there to constantly prove your feelings and wait for the ex-wife back.
Try to get your wife back only if assured of his love. It is not necessary to resume the relationship only out of a sense of ownership.
Useful advice
Don't be too pushy. This can only alienate the woman.
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