You will need
  • The desire to return the child and wife.
Children are our everything, and if you have any question about how to return the child, you probably already know that. In General, return the location of the child and its trust, if you have certainly not done anything really terrible, it is easy, because it stretches subconsciously and will be attracted to you as one of the closest people he knows from birth. Just talk with the baby, even if it is quite scarce, apologize to him, even if no apparent reason, and tell him that you love him.
Return of the wife, undoubtedly, complicated. But here, everything is in your hands. And it is from your commitment and desire to be with this woman and everything depends. For starters, let his wife to vent – let it say everything he thinks about you, and you try not to interrupt, even if you do not agree.
After the end of the monologue, " tell me what you thought, and realized and clearly define the terms in which you are ready to change and really do it. As soon as your spouse will see the specific change, not words, to be sure – she will come back to you.