At home there are various options. Arrange small get-togethers, inviting friends or acquaintances whose company you've enjoyed. Surely you can find a little food, and party supplies you can cook a few simple treats. At the same time, announce in advance, inviting guests that they were also a couple of interesting works of culinary art. It may even be just the tea party.But when you're all here, then maybe more options for sharing timetransmittal to: Board games, karaoke, chatting, watching interesting TV shows. Or, perhaps, someone will bring an entertaining film. In any case, you can try and give each other bored.
Embark on a joint trip in the area. If this is the Central part of the city, to organize a campaign at major shopping malls like Mega, where you can walk and just contemplate the surroundings of the internal organization of many small and large shops. You can lie to IKEA on the various sofas, etc. If you live away from major shopping areas, it is possible that near a forest or large Park area. Go there to breathe fresh air and observe the lush vegetation. Bring a badminton or just a ball. Or, in the case in the vicinity of the river, you can arrange a competition "who has the flat next pellet will be on the water."
In winter go skiing or just walking in the Park. Make a snowman, build a snow Fort, arranging the capture of snow "Bastille" with a joyful noise and snowballs. Will be interesting to capture the memory of such violent action, and therefore take photos or video. Surely one of you will be able to "sacrifice" themselves for the sake of this class do not participate actively. If you have a sled or scooter, make riding a rollercoaster. You can ride even on Packed snow bags made of thick polyethylene.
Not only in summer, but from late spring until the first frost, you can go rollerblading or Biking.
18 April – world day for cultural heritage, and on may 18 – international Museum day. Entrance to most museums these days free. And even some hold the action "Museum Night," when admission to the Museum is open until night and sometimes all night. Find out in advance about places of cultural heritage and museums, announced the holding of such events.
On time over a long period of leisure, for example, at the time summer vacation home, sign up in search or labor group. You will find a lot of different experiences. Yes, and friends will appear.These types of activities can be arranged in advance on the Internet finding out about possible options, for example, the same labor camps. Ask a search engine "seasonal work abroad, and you will surely find something to their liking. And earned a small portion of each day will be enough to compensate for the road. Even still remain.