For a grown man to cry, in principle, unworthy, especially for a kid who can't defend himself. Therefore, the parent is very important to convince himself that he is once and for all stops to yell at the child. As soon as the voice rises to the level of the Creek, we need to stop and imagine yourself in the place of a man who is a model of restraint and exposure, for example, any Metropolitan or Queen.

As soon as an adult says that to scream at your child, you can also imagine how the same words on the child shouts a stranger. In such a situation, any normal parent to justify their child or trying to smooth over the situation, but in this case the justification will need to the parent to avoid his scream.

The parent can be present at the site your child a stranger baby, which is very naughty. The Creek will be easy to avoid, so as someone else's child yell is not allowed.

Not to yell at the child, you would think during the outbreak of anger about that in the house there are guests. After all, when they swear you can't show the kid his dissatisfaction after their departure, after a while, and then emotions will calm down.

Of course, any adult could go wrong and yell at their child, but it is unlikely he has then a sense of pride and satisfaction, and the child does not become cries more manageable. It should be remembered that children have the right to make mistakes, it's silly to expect perfect behavior, so you should learn to hold back not to yell at the child, and to explain why a particular act is unacceptable.