Raising the voice in communication, with an adult or with a child – not an option. On the contrary, psychologists consider this fact as an indication of weakness. That is, to find a reasonable way out of this curious situation and make a convincing argument much more difficult than just yell, freed thus from the accumulated negative emotions. Adults often can't afford this behavior at work and frustrated at home on their own child because of a little mischief. He did not answer. The resulting dose of negativity in the service, found a way out. Only easier was unlikely.

What the child can do with this negativity

No wonder they say that children copy their parents. Not knowing that they exactly copy the behavior of adults. Not necessarily that his anger would send the child to the offender is an adult. Rather, he will do about the same as they did to him: find someone else out there. And soon you notice that the grown up child behaves the same way with your younger brother or sister with their peers. But it is possible that aggression mom or dad responds, "the same coin". Aggression begets aggression. Zerodiv this way of behavior in the family, then the parents shrug and say that the child would not otherwise understand. But what child, even if he doesn't know how "otherwise" looks like.

The outcome of the situation, when parents are constantly loudly "talk" with your child may be different. Soft dreamy nature just close to his world, because it is still no one hears and understands. Sometimes the kids cry, actually feel guilty for all the ills in the world. In the future, the child will be difficult to establish themselves in adult life because of the inferiority complex, which it raised from childhood. Although the Creek is impossible to call the method of education.

Is it possible the upbringing of the child without shouting

The process of education is not an attitude on the part of parents that should learn the child. It is hard work and, above all, on yourself, realizing that you are the example. Many parents realize the importance of not yelling at the child, but are unable to cope with their own irritation. If the family does not constantly screaming and insulting each other, but due to a serious infraction of the baby, it still shouted, we must try as soon as possible to rectify the situation.

Not long after deed angry at the child, not to talk to him. He's probably already scared cry, and realized that I had done something wrong. The subsequent calm conversation with the child will help to make the right conclusions about what mom and dad love him anyways and just scared for him. Then a cry parents will not entail serious consequences, but the situation will be remembered for a long time.

When the increased tone in the family is the norm, it is difficult to relate educational issues. It acts destructively on the fragile psyche of the child.