Advice 1: How to pinch back azaleas

Azalea - flowering flower of the Heather family. The period of abundant flowering from December to April. Azalea is very capricious flower that requires a lot of attention, good care. If you put a lot of effort, she will thank you for admiring the beautiful flowers.
How to pinch back azaleas
Azalea loves the sun. Sunlight should be diffused, under the direct rays Azalea is dying. The best place for the pot of Azalea is a window facing South-West.
The apartment in the summer, the ideal temperature should be +20 degrees and in winter is 13 degrees. Very hot and dry air does not transfer.
Taking care of Azalea, do not allow drying out the land. Make sure that the soil always a bit moist. The ideal time for watering is early morning. When the Azalea begins to flower, watering should be abundant. Alternate watering of the surface and the pallet. The water in the tray, hold two hours, then drain it. Don't forget to spray. When sprayed, cover the buds and flowers.
Young azaleas should be transplanted every year. Re-pot it after it Bud. The root ball loosen a little if it is too large, then prune. Transplanted azaleas put in the most shady, warm place. After about 30 days Azalea should be well rooted and give new shoots.
To Azalea was neat and beautiful, you need to do topping the new shoots. Make the topping in may. The more often you do it, the more magnificent will be the Azalea Bush.
To do this, a young sapling at a height of 10 cm otstegat or tear off the tip. Then, when you grow new side shoots with a length of 3 cm, again priderite them.
In summer, azaleas can be put on the balcony or planted in the open ground in a well lit area but not direct sunlight.
In winter it is better to water the azaleas in the pan. Often moisturize the air in the room.
Primitiva, do not remove flower buds.
Useful advice
Buy Azalea with bright green leaves with many buds.

Advice 2 : How to water the azaleas

When he came to the flower shop for a gift you walk past blooming azaleas, refrain from buying impossible. Beautiful "cap" of delicate flowers fascinating, admirable. However, at home, after 2-3 weeks, the plant suddenly starts to wilt the flowers and then leaves. Eyes it withers, and then dries up. The most common cause of this is incorrect watering azaleas.
How to water the azaleas
You will need
  • pitcher irrigation;
  • - soft water;
  • - sprayer.
Azalea – water-loving plant. Best of all it feels in cool, bright rooms with high humidity (80%). It is especially good that it blooms from December to March – when the main part of indoor plants "asleep". However, spraying it, it is important to follow some mandatory rules.
In all periods of growth for watering azaleas use soft water. For this purpose, suitable melt or rainwater, you can also take distilled or boiled water.
However, if you use tap water, be sure to let it stand for at least a day to the main part of the chlorine had disappeared and the lime settled to the bottom.
The water temperature should be around 18 degrees. Every two weeks add water a little lemon juice or citric acid solution (0.5 teaspoon to 1 liter of water).
This water is made by spraying the plants.
In the flowering period, watering should be abundant and uniform is provided. Watering azaleas from a watering can, ensure that clod was some dry evenly (from the surface to the bottom). However, avoid overwatering can rot the roots. Spraying of plants in this period is not recommended to prevent spotting on the flowers.
If however, there is a drying clod of earth, put your pot of flowers in a basin of water. The water level should be one-third the height of the pot. Leave it on for 3 hours, then remove and allow the excess water to drain. Resuscitation of the completed flower, you can put him in his place.
In summer, after flowering, watering is 1 time per two days, are also plentiful. Local anesthesia is sprayed on the flower at least twice a day. This is necessary to maintain the humidity in the room.
If the room is very warm, use for cooling the ice. They can impose pot or gently placed on the surface of the earth on the edge.
In the fall, two months before flowering, azaleas placed in a cool place and reduce irrigation. However, the dryness is still unacceptable.
Daily need to spray the flower to maintain humidity at the proper level.
Airing the room, avoid drafts – Azalea doesn't like them.
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