Chicken fillet – 300 g
Mushrooms – 200 g
Carrot – 1 PC.
Eggs – 3 PCs.
Green onion – 2 lane
Onion – 1 PC.
Vegetable oil – 30 ml (use for frying)
Mayonnaise – 150 ml

The first step is to boil the carrots. Cooking should take place in salt water. Along the way, you can cook the fillets in boiling water and eggs. You need to cook it hard boiled eggs. It is very important to find a balance and not make a mistake, because the egg is one of the main ingredients of the salad "fairy Tale".

When the carrots, chicken and eggs are ready, you need to Tinker with them. Chicken should be sliced very, very thin. The peeled carrots are best grated on a big grater. The eggs are all a bit more complicated. Three whites and one egg yolk as well as carrots to pass through a large grater. The remaining two yolks are set aside until the cooking of the top layer.

Yet with eggs, carrots and chicken are done. It is time to take mushrooms. In order that the mushroom has acquired the proper taste, they must be fried with onions, previously chopped very, very finely. The main thing is to cut so that the onions haven't lost all your juice, otherwise the whole salad will go down the drain. Mushrooms need salt.

Now that all the ingredients are brought to mind, it's time to start laying out the salad. The salad consists of several layers. The first layer is a mixture of finely chopped fillet with grated carrots and fried with onions mushrooms. Each layer must top coat with mayonnaise. The second layer – harvesting of eggs (three whites and one yolk, passed through a large grater).

After the second layer is coated with mayonnaise, you should put the green onions and fill his two remaining egg yolks, previously having passed them through a fine grater.