Salads with chicken can be attributed to the most popular among all meat products. I love these salads because the chicken can be cooked quickly, it is the most accessible and correlates well with other popular ingredients for salads. If you choose for a salad of smoked chicken, it does not even need to cook.

Most delicious salads of chicken cause the minimum damage figure is can be called one of the reasons they are so popular, especially among women. The salad recipes can be many different ingredients: mushrooms, fruits and vegetables, bread or crackers, a variety of sauces and dressings.

Salad with Korean carrots and smoked brisket to be worn at festive and everyday table. They are prepared simply and quickly, looks nice.

Korean carrot many Housewives prefer to cook for themselves, but to expedite the process, it can be purchased in the shop in finished form. This salad is quite unusual, the taste is a unique combination of buttery mayonnaise and spicy carrots, it turns out he is rich and slightly heavy. Those who mayonnaise contraindications should be careful to eat this dish.

Salad of smoked chicken breast, Korean carrot and pepper

To prepare this salad you will need:
- 1 smoked chicken breast;
- a couple of bell peppers – better fleshy, red;
- 200 gr. Korean carrot;
- 200 gr. mayonnaise.

From smoked breast meat from the bones, cut into cubes and put in a salad bowl. Add Korean carrots.

Peppers cleaned of seeds and partitions, cut into strips or cubes. Put in a salad bowl. Salad mayonnaise, mix everything carefully. You can optionally add salt or pepper. Can be served immediately, but better to put briefly in the refrigerator so that all ingredients are properly soaked.

Salad with chicken and cheese

Version of the salad, which due to the Korean carrot and cheese turns sharp and extraordinary taste. You will need:

- 300 gr. smoked chicken, better breast;
- hard cheese – 200 gr.;
- 2 eggs, 150 gr. Korean carrot;
- mayonnaise and salt – to taste.

Finely chop the chicken, mix it in a bowl with Korean carrot. Eggs and cheese to grate on a coarse grater. Add mayonnaise and mix well. To try, if need be, it needs more salt. You can add in a salad a bit of greenery.