You will need
  • computer;
  • - µTorrent;
  • program Alcohol 120%.
Before you install a program on your computer µTorrent with the help of which you can download any network-accessible file, including a large volume. In µTorrent, you can put pause, stop and resume a file upload at a time convenient for you.
Look on any torrent tracker, which do you prefer, your game, download the file, then open it using the program µTorrent. To do this, simply double-click the downloaded file in the next window, acting tips application, specify the destination folder for saved games and start the download process. Wait until the game is fully preserved.
After that, the list of downloads find a game, highlight it, click the right mouse button and from the drop down window select "Open" or "Open destination folder".
Then your actions will depend on how you saved. If you downloaded the installation file, download the game the usual way, following the wizard prompts. It installs on the computer like any other program.
If the downloaded file was in the files, first unzip the folder, open it, locate the installation file in exe format (in the notes file is an indication of the "Application") and double-click to start the game.
If you are lucky enough to save the disk image (and it happens), to open it you will need special software. For example, very convenient to use in this case, the application Alcohol 120%.
Run the program Alcohol 120%. In the left part of the window, locate the "Search images", then check the file type of the downloaded game, specify its location and click "Search".
From the list of images select the game, then add the specified file to Alcohol 120%. In the program window, select the image and right-click, mount the image on the device is a virtual disk. Then go to "My computer" and select the virtual disk with a saved game. Click the right mouse button and select "Open" or "Run". In the first case, open all the contents of the disk, the second disk will automatically be loaded, and accordingly, will start the game.
Also, with Alcohol 120% you can burn stored in µTorrent image. Select the game file and in the left of the work window, select "Record CD/DVD from image". Insert the DVD or CD disk in the drive and following the prompts, write the game to disk.
After burning the disk, run it and load the game.