Advice 1: What if the game requires the disc

Many creators of computer games introducing certain protective systems. Some of them do not allow you to run the game without having the original DVD inserted in the drive.
What if the game requires the disc

Usually when you try to run a game a message appears asking to insert the disc. In such situations, it is recommended to use special programs-emulators. Install Alcohol Soft. Make sure the compatibility of this program with your operating system.

Restart the computer after installation is complete components of the program. Open the tray of the DVD drive and insert the disk containing the game files. Run Alcohol Soft. Click on "Virtual disks" and click "Add". In the opened menu choose the number 1 and click OK. Now, navigate to "imaging".

Select the DVD drive in which you installed the correct disc. Specify the parameters of the future file. Allow me to use long names, and be sure to disable skipping of errors. Click "Next". Select the folder in which to save the created ISO file. Enter its name. Click "Create". Wait until the program finishes reading the disk and create the ISO image. The duration of this process depends on the speed of your computer and settings of the used disk.

After completion of creating the image remove the disc from the drive. Open the main menu of the program Alcohol Soft and right click the mouse on the name of the created ISO file. If it is not displayed in the operating menu, press the "Search" button and specify the folder in which you saved the ISO image. Select "Mount on device".

In the ensuing menu select the previously created virtual drive. Wait for the create virtual disk and locate it. Start the game and enjoy the process. You can use Daemon Tools to create an image and its subsequent use. Note that not all modern license disks easily imaging process.

Advice 2: What to do if Windows won't start

Many users faced the problem was the fact that the operating system cannot boot. Fix OS depends on what was the cause of malfunctions.
What to do if Windows won't start
If the computer just hangs while loading operating system, then restart it by pressing the Reset button. After I start booting from the hard disk, press F8. Wait for the opening menu containing alternative options to continue to download.

Click "Run last known good configuration". Wait for a while. If the computer hangs again, repeat the login procedures described in the menu. Select "Windows Safe mode". After some time the system will boot in the selected mode. Open control panel and navigate to "Backup and restore".

Go to "Restore system settings". Click the "Launch system restore". Select a control point from the list. Specify the system files that was created before the problem occurs. Click "Next" and confirm to start the restore of the operating system. After the reboot, select normal mode operation of the OS.

If the system does not boot even in safe mode, then use the recovery disc. Insert the DVD in the DVD drive and restart the computer. If you have disabled booting from the disc, then hold the F8 key. In the opened menu select the required DVD drive.

When working with Windows 7 or Vista, follow the step by step program menu drive until you see the "advanced recovery options". After navigating to this menu, select "startup repair". Confirm a carry out the necessary operations. Wait until the computer is restarted. Restore a system after gaining access to the functions you need.

If you are using Windows XP, then press R after opening the corresponding menu. Run the recovery program boot the operating system.

Advice 3: What to do if you had skin

Damage mole is very dangerous. The fact that these formations are essentially tumors, but they usually do not grow. But if the mole (nevus) to injure, it may start to increase and degenerate into a treacherous malignant tumor – a melanoma.
What to do if you had skin
Any mole requires careful attitude. Because it is not so harmless, what seems at first glance. At any moment ordinary nevi can degenerate into malignant melanoma – the most dangerous form of skin cancer. And to such a deplorable result could not only damage the moles, but her constant rubbing uncomfortable clothes or hair (if it is, for example, on the neck).Melanoma is a very aggressive tumor. If its cells into the blood, and she quickly begins to spread throughout the body and almost untreatable. So if you accidentally ripped off a mole, you should immediately consult the dermatologist or the surgeon, but the best – to-skin oncologist.But before that you can take some independent action. First, stop the bleeding if you have bleeding at the site of damage. Use a cotton pad or sterile cotton wool and hydrogen peroxide, press a swab to the mole. From top, apply several layers of dry gauze and hold this compress for 10-15 minutes. You can then impose on the injured place a compress of the fungus.If you stripped the mole completely, in any case, don't throw it away, and place in a sealed jar and take it to the doctor. She will need in order to make a histological study of the determination of the purity of the tumor. Histology is needed to exclude the risk of developing cancer. If you just traumatized nevus, a medical facility you will remove it using a particular method. Each of existing methods has its indications and contraindications, the choice of treatment determined by the physician.Nevus can be removed with electrocautery and laser, radio wave equipment by clipping. To remove the moleand bandage her thread that she has disappeared, as is sometimes recommended in the so-called "folk" recipes, in any case impossible. As a rule, such actions always lead to dire consequences in the form of malignant transformation of nevi.

Advice 4: How to download game on laptop

The choice of an appropriate game is probably the most difficult challenge facing the Amateur player. However, if you purchased the game disc, before you receive a new task - to install it on your laptop.
How to download game on laptop
Despite the complicated name (installation), the installation process of games (and any program) is quite simple. Before you install the game on a laptop make sure that the requirements her to your computer hardware followed. Each more or less complex game has its own system requirements, which are usually listed on the back of the packaging of the disc. If your laptop does not meet even the minimum requirements, unfortunately, to install this game pointless. Try to exchange the disc in the store.
Insert the disk into the drive laptop. Wait until doesn't work the AutoPlay media and on the screen appears the start window of the installation of the game. If autorun is disabled or does not work, go to the section of the optical media and start the game installation manually. To do this click "My computer". Next, select the title and click the right mouse button. In the context menu click "Open in Windows Explorer".
Follow the steps in the installation wizard. This is usually a standard query: in which partition to install the gameto create the folder in the start menu if the shortcut on the desktop and other initial parameters. Recommend to install games on the D partition or any other, without affecting the system partition C, because modern games require quite a lot of space.
If the game requires the disk at startup, for convenience, you can make a disk image of the game and mount it in a virtual drive. However, many games have built-in protection, and the creation of an image of the game may be interrupted with an error. After installation is complete, run the game. If you try it you start having error messages, do not rush to close and delete the game. Search the Internet error that occurs and find out how to fix it.
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