Usually when you try to run a game a message appears asking to insert the disc. In such situations, it is recommended to use special programs-emulators. Install Alcohol Soft. Make sure the compatibility of this program with your operating system.

Restart the computer after installation is complete components of the program. Open the tray of the DVD drive and insert the disk containing the game files. Run Alcohol Soft. Click on "Virtual disks" and click "Add". In the opened menu choose the number 1 and click OK. Now, navigate to "imaging".

Select the DVD drive in which you installed the correct disc. Specify the parameters of the future file. Allow me to use long names, and be sure to disable skipping of errors. Click "Next". Select the folder in which to save the created ISO file. Enter its name. Click "Create". Wait until the program finishes reading the disk and create the ISO image. The duration of this process depends on the speed of your computer and settings of the used disk.

After completion of creating the image remove the disc from the drive. Open the main menu of the program Alcohol Soft and right click the mouse on the name of the created ISO file. If it is not displayed in the operating menu, press the "Search" button and specify the folder in which you saved the ISO image. Select "Mount on device".

In the ensuing menu select the previously created virtual drive. Wait for the create virtual disk and locate it. Start the game and enjoy the process. You can use Daemon Tools to create an image and its subsequent use. Note that not all modern license disks easily imaging process.