Advice 1: How to tie shoes for dogs

Shoes for dogs is not only a fashionable addition to the suit or sweater. Shoes and boots protect dog paws from snow and dirt, and in cold prolong walking, not allowing the pet to freeze. If you know how to knit, be sure to grab your favorite new outfit in soft wool boots he will be cozy and comfortable.
How to tie shoes for dogs
You will need
  • - a crochet hook;
  • - woolen threads;
  • - Laundry gum;
  • - the tape;
  • - leather flap for the soles.
Decide what kind of shoes are required for your dog. You can tie Slippers – they are just above the wrist joint. This model is suitable for longhaired breeds. Smooth is more like high boots, for a secure fixing with two fasteners.
Remove measurements with pet. Put its paw on a sheet of paper and draw the outline is a silhouette of the future of the sole. Measure the length of the legs from the ground to the wrist joint, as well as its width. Write down all the details.
Manufacture the sample for the calculation. Enter 10 of the stitches and knit 10 rows of columns without nakida. Measure the length and calculate the number of loops in one centimeter. Multiply the resulting figure by the width of the paw of the pet, adding half an inch for loose fit.
Tie a chain of the required number of loops and lock it in the ring. It's a blank for the shaft of the boot. Knit columns without nakida to the desired length. When finished, secure the last loop node.
Tie a chain of the required number of loops and lock it in the ring. It's a blank for the shaft of the boot. Knit columns without nakida to the desired length. When finished, secure the last loop node.
Make a sole in the form of a circle. Link three air loop, close them in a ring. In the next row extend, vymazyvaja from each loop two columns without nakida. The third row increase pattern. Make sure that the sole was not the waves. Constantly measure it, comparing with a picture of the paws dogs. Dawasa to the desired size, put on the bottom of the workpiece shaft and connect the parts to each other columns without nakida. The scar of a seam needs to be outside – so it will not RUB the dog's paws. In the same way tie, three more to boot.
If you plan to walk in wet weather, sew to the knitted boots, the soles from leather. Take billet in the shape of dog paws and sew it to the bottom of the Shoe with a thick needle. To shoes fixed on the foot, prodavnice across the top edge of the laces and tie them. More tightly fixed shoes rubber, podernuta through kulisku. The higher the boot, the more secure he fastened on his paw.

Advice 2: How to knit an envelope for a newborn with their hands

Soft and warm envelope is a practical thing for the baby. It is very comfortable to sleep, especially during a walk in the fresh air. Yes, and mom won't have to constantly adjust the blanket.
How to knit an envelope for a newborn with their hands

The selection of yarn and tools

Crochet envelope, pick up the yarn. It should be soft, not barbed and hypoallergenic. All these requirements are met acrylic yarn. Although they are made from synthetic fibers, they are perfect for knitting baby things.

To associate the envelope, you'll need:
- 2 skeins of acrylic yarn of medium thickness (100 g each);
- detachable zipper length 54 cm;
- 4 buttons;
- spokes № 3-3,5;
hook 3-3. 5 mm;
- needle with large eye.

Crochet envelope choose the simple patterns, as if knitting the tracery of a viscous product, the envelope will not be very warm. If you decorate it with braids,. or other textured knitting, it will be uncomfortable to sleep baby. The most suitable patterns will be pearl, garter-knit and "rice".

Knitting the back half

Dial on the spokes 64 loops, proverite 4 rows of garter viscous. Further vivacite 4 holes for the hinges. For this provarite 14 loops, 3 loops close provarite 10 loops, then close 3 loops. Repeat 3 times until the end of the row and provarite the remaining 11 loops.

In the next row in place of closed 3-loops make 3 air. Then include them in the pattern and provarite garter viscous. Knit this pattern for 42 rows and at a height of 11 cm from the dial-in number, go to knitting other knitting, for example, rice or pearl.

Tie the selected pattern 42 cm from last row of garter knit. Further, close to the armholes for 8 loops on both sides of the part. Then knit straight 12 cm Close all the loops, when the value of the rear halves of the envelope will be 62 cm.

Knitting of the front halves of the envelope

Dial on the spokes 32 of the loop and knit 42 cm pattern "rice" or pearly viscous. Then, to close the openings 8 of the hinges on the right side of the part directly and knit 6 cm simultaneously at a height of 48 cm from the mosaic series will follow the neck. To do this, close with the left edge of the 8 loops, then every 2nd row close 1 times 3 loops, 2 times 2, 1 times – 1 loop. When link 54 cm from the bottom part, close the remaining loop shoulder. The second shelf is knit in a similar way, symmetrically to the first part.

Knit sleeves and hood

Sew shoulder seams, seam "forward needle". Dial on the edge of the openings 52 loops and knit the pattern, thus subtracting from both sides of the sleeve in every 4th row by one loop. Provatas 20 cm details, finish the knitting and then close the remaining 36 loops.

Hood dial on the collar 90 of the loops and knit the main pattern. When you connect 17 cm close all the loops part.

Assembly of the envelope

Fold the envelope inside out. Run seams sleeves and sew the sides of the envelope, and then the upper part of the hood.

The edges of the shelves, where will be located the zipper and hem sleeveless crochet tie bars "crayfish". Vsheyte shelves in the zipper, sew the 4 flat buttons for the clasps, placing them exactly in front of the loops on the strap.
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