You will need
  • - spokes of the right size;
  • - soft natural yarns;
  • - elastic band;
  • - needle and thread.
Before starting work, check the tightness of the binding, if it is 20 rows x 16 loops =10 x 10 cm, use the dimensions listed below. If the density differs, proportionally change the recommended dimensions.
как вязать кошку с котом
Start with running the front of the sweater for the cat. Dial on the spokes 25 of the loops and provarite a rubber band a few inches. To get the "gum", that is, elastic binding, knit 1 front, 1 wrong loop, repeating the sequence.
когда нужно вязать кота шотландского
Provatas rubber band a few inches (this is the down jackets which will cover the cat's waist), tie the fabric about 10 cm the front surface.
как случать британских кошек
To get the sleeve, with each end of the binding, add a few inches (15-20 loops), the greater the magnification, the greater the length of the sleeve. All you have on the needles for about 60 loops. Smooth canvas provarite 10 cm.
In the center of the crochet cut out for the neck. A carefully calculated number of stitches on the needles and find the center, mark it with colored thread. From it in both directions count equal to the number of loops, for example, by 10 loops.
Selected, close the loop and continue to knit a row. Turning, doverite to closed air loops and dial loops exactly the amount that was closed plus 7-8 loops (so the back turned out wider). Finish the row and then knit the front fabric.
Provatas 10 cm, close on each side for 18 loops and knit another 10 cm If you have a large animal, it is possible to symmetrically increase the width of this part. Then go to the knitting gum and provarite elastic the same width as in the beginning. Close the loop to retain the elasticity of fabric.
Sew seams of sleeves and side seams. For the neck type hinges and lift gate, tie the same band as on the bottom of the product, then close the loop. In a number of strapping better to involve lace or a weak elastic band to secure the seal gate.