Immediately after birth the baby adjust your diet. The first time you will have to follow a special diet that the child should not have any problems with the tummy if you are breastfeeding. Should abandon the sweet and starchy foods - this will definitely benefit your body. Find useful, "substitutes" buns, chocolate, cookies and other sweets. This can be dried fruit, dates, nuts, etc. get in the habit to use such products, after lactation you did not want to "get hooked" back to baking and candy. In this case, to lose weight after giving birth will be much easier.
Breastfeeding for at least a year. According to the observations of doctors, of women who breastfeed to lose weight after giving birth is easy. The body itself, in this case, is configured to reset the extra pounds that were required during lactation.
Do not neglect sports. After giving birth to go to the gym you are unlikely to work, so the rule is to arrange a regular home workouts. Purchase the necessary equipment - it can be a dumbbell, hula Hoop, etc. Consult with your coach and with your gynecologist what kind of exercise you can perform, and what is not, at least at first.
To lose weight quickly after giving birth most women goes a long way, so do not despair and give up. Eat right, exercise, be positive and the result will not keep itself waiting long!