Advice 1: How to obtain a license for the installation of fire alarm

For installation of fire protection systems, fire protection and trubo-oven works you will need a license fire safety license or of the Ministry. Getting a license is quite a troublesome process, but now there are many organizations that provide mediation services in this area.
How to obtain a license for the installation of fire alarm
You will need
  • - copy of certificate of registration in the Unified state register of legal entities;
  • - copy of Charter or articles of incorporation;
  • - a copy of the information letter of the state statistics Committee (deciphering codes);
  • - extract from the Unified State register of legal entities (incorporation) issued not more than a month ago;
  • - business address and telephone number;
  • - copy of lease agreement and certificate of property right;
  • - copies of diploma and work record of the steering and technical personnel;
  • order of the General Director;
  • - receipt of payment of the license fee.
The establishment of a fire alarm system relates to the works, the implementation of which you need to have a license of the Ministry of emergency situations. The company does not have a license, can't work in the field of fire safety. The license confirms that the company has necessary technical equipment and qualified personnel to provide services in the sphere of ensuring fire safety of buildings and structures.
To obtain a license as can any legal entity and individual entrepreneur working in the field of providing services of installation, repair and maintenance of fire safety systems. To the applicants who want to obtain a license, put forward a number of requirements. Before asking about the license, please read them carefully. All of these requirements issued in the decree of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 373 of 31.05.02 G.
Since the receipt of the emergency license is a time – consuming and troublesome process, use the services of firms specializing in this segment of the market. Their staff will help you to compile a package of documents for submission to local authorities of the MOE, and will take care of all the bureaucratic red tape.
For license submit to the Ministry of the Russian Federation for civil defense, emergencies and elimination of consequences of natural disasters a full package of documents, among which must be either founding documents and certificates of officers of the company. All copies of documents assure at the notary.
The license usually occurs after 1.5-2 months. During this time, the organs MNF review your documentation and make a decision about the compliance or noncompliance of you with the requirements of normative-legal acts regulating fire safety.
In case of applying pay the state fee and do not forget to attach receipt of payment to General documentation.

Advice 2 : How to obtain a license for fire alarm

The license for installation, repair and maintenance of automatic fire alarm and automatic fire extinguishing systems are pretty time-consuming process. If you decide to start your own company for the production of this type of work, or you decided on your company to enter in the state Department whose responsibility would be entrusted with the production of this type of activities, then you should do the following.
How to obtain a license for fire alarm
You will need
  • equipment;
  • help.
Define for your company the types of automatic fire alarm systems and automatic fire suppression that your work will be to mount and maintain.
Prepare the certificate of your material-technical base, which give details of all your existing machines and mechanisms, indicating their nomenclature and amount to complete your planned scope of work. Here the most important thing to remember is that the assessment of conformity of material-technical base of the planned works and their adequacy should be carried out only at the stage of preparation of the act, which contains an assessment of your compliance to license requirements and conditions.
Consider and imagine their system to control the quality of the work. In this case you can imagine: copy of the quality Manual of the used devices; a random reference which will contain the form control (input, operational and output) quality, signed by you and the relevant documents.
Compile and submit your application to the licensing authority (in accordance with the applicable us legislation in this organization, if you wish to obtain a license, you must provide real help). Also provide information about the qualifications of your employees who will be engaged in these types of works and services.
In order to verify the skills of your employees, performing work on installation and maintenance of automatic fire alarm systems and automatic fire extinguishing installations, you need to check if they have higher or secondary education. Don't forget to also check their work experience in bodies of state fire service of EMERCOM of Russia (their experience should be of five years).
Remember that half of you are hiring employees for the purposes of obtaining a license to this activity must run for at least three years, and the completion of their training courses should not exceed five years.
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