You will need
  • A computer with Internet access
  • Stopwatch
The printing speed can be checked online. There are many sites offering online testing, and not only in Russian, but on the other. For example, the site In one window we propose that the text in the other - you are gaining, and the system determines how many errors and typos you made. The advantage of online testing is that you do not need any assistant or additional equipment. In addition, if a particular site does not work, you can always find in search of another. And you don't need to think about the kind of complexity you need to take the test for "control work". On sites that offer texts of medium complexity, that is, those with whom you mostly have to deal with.
If you for some reason do not like online testing, can use off-line keyboard equipment. You can find them on the search engine. Many of them are free, they usually have a built-in timer, which will allow you to achieve the desired goal.
You can apply the old fashioned method is just to count time. But then you need to choose the text. It is best to print text, pre-finding signs. This make using the text of the program in which you work. Most often this applies to a Word where the menu has a section "tools", then "Statistics". Statistics considers and Open Office, but under "File". Put printed text on the left. Turn on the stopwatch and start typing. After you are done typing, immediately turn off the stopwatch. The elapsed time must be in seconds. Now the number of characters in the text should be divided into time set. Get the number of beats per second. In order to calculate. How many characters do you type per minute, should the resulting number be multiplied by 60. Compare the result with those offered in the job announcements or regulations.