You'll need willow, dried grass, or bast, as well as feathers, wire, a neutral color, and two types of pliers. Wire bend cross frame for the future of the nest, and then, take a thinner wire and make it round spiral frame, imposing on each other turns.
Weave a cage of willow twigs, securing them with a thin wire of grey or brown. Use the willow of different lengths in order to make the nest look more beautiful and more natural. Shape the nest so that it had a loose rounded shape. These nests will never have a perfect round shape, so do not try to repeat the shape of a circle – add in your hack is the element of natural spontaneity and randomness.
Some of the tips of the willow branches tuck inside and secure with wire, and other tips leave outside, spreading them. Place the socket on the pre-prepared stand or on a beautiful plate, cover the bottom of the nest with grass and additionally appetite his urine, creating volume.
Adorn the nest with feathers and put inside Easter eggs. This socket is a perfect gift for Easter for your friends and relatives to make it easy, so you will be able to create a few holiday gifts for their loved ones. Such nests can decorate your home interior before the holiday, putting them on the table during the Passover meal.