There is hardly a man who will offer to have sex at the first meeting, except that only very inexperienced. Of course, it is unlikely that the woman will agree to that. So to start, the man just starts talking with his passion and becomes her friend, to learn better to find the right approach. Gradually, the friendship can develop into romance, and then and sexual.

Most men know that taught, perhaps, by bitter experience, the woman will cautiously expect that the new cavalier from just want sex. The same thoughts may cause too fast convergence, the blatant flirting and constant tactile contact. That is why the men are trying, slowly, to gain confidence and to awaken in women the desire for intimacy to become her sort of knight, just ready to be there to support and to communicate on different topics.

Not all women believe in friendship between a man and a woman. But when a new companion suddenly begins to communicate it in a friendly, not demanding in return, no romance, and especially sex, the girl can really wonder and even believe that she is the one whom she had so long sought. Needless to say, so it will be much easier to influence in the future and go from friendly to sexual phase.

Nobody can abolish the sex without commitment. Of course, from women to achieve it is very difficult, but among men those who appreciate this tidbit. There is a perception that good friends close around and often divided among themselves, even their sexual preferences. Men understand this by directing the conversation in the right direction trying to rekindle your girlfriend spark of interest that will eventually lead her to the notorious sex friendship and no strings attached.