If you are the owner of a laptop or desktop computer Mac, you can throw the Word files on the iPad using iTunes. Feature iTunes Home Sharing via wi-fi provides access to common file storage mobile devices of Apple: Mac, laptops, iPod media players, iPhone smartphones and tablets iPad. This data transfer method not only gives access to documents to various devices, but also allows you to easily sync files with which you are working.
Use online storage systems. Most of these resources can be stored on a remote server, several GB of information. Sign up to the vault Dropbox, Filestream, SkyDrive, Yandex.Disk or any other. Copy the Word file to the repository. Open a browser to the iPad home page of the selected resource, enter the password and open the folder with your files. Now you can download a Word document on a tablet. For convenience, such resources can be downloaded and install on iPad programs-clients of online stores.
Send yourself a email with attached text file. A letter can be sent from one address to another, and you can just save a draft with the Word file. On the iPad go to your Inbox and download the attached document. If you just want to read the document, use the mail View. Unfortunately, in the outdoor therefore, the document cannot make any changes.
In the iPad Word documents can be viewed using programs goodreader, phonedrive, iFile, iFiles. To edit the content in Word files and save them in the same format, for example, using the free text editor Documents 2.