If your phone is not a smartphone or Communicator, you can use applications such as Word Viewer. Download this app to your computer, and then send it to your phone along with files, word, read. After that, you will only need to run the java application and open it through the document as desired. The simplest way to send is to sync your phone with computer using data cable, Bluetooth or infrared port. Otherwise, you can use wap-exchangers, as
Smartphones and PDAs are often equipped with pre-installed Microsoft Office or similar program that allows you to read and edit documents on your cell. Otherwise, you can download and install a program, for example, Office Suite. Download the installation file and then copy it to the memory of your mobile and install. Keep in mind that this option is only suitable for PDAs and smartphones.
You can also download java-books or create them from files of format doc and txt. The Java book is the application by running which on your mobile phone, you will see the text of the document from which it was created. One of the most popular programs for reading doc files and txt is BookReader. With it, you will be able not only to translate the document into the app for mobile and install the necessary fonts, color of text and background, as well as set the backlight settings of the application. Keep in mind that when using a white background, the battery drains very fast and my eyes get tired, so the best would be medium size font on the grey background.