You will need
  • - fungicide Topaz;
  • - distilled water, corresponding to GOST 6709-72;
  • - perlite;
  • - peat;
  • - formic acid;
  • - "EPIN-extra";
  • - wood charcoal.
At home the dioneya can be grown from seed. For pre-treatment wet cloth in a solution of fungicide "Topaz", made from a pair of drops and a glass of distilled water. Wrap seeds in a damp cloth, Packed in a plastic bag and keep for two months at a temperature of 5-7 degrees.
To prepare the substrate soak the perlite for a week in distilled water. Treated in this way, the component of the soil mix in equal proportions with peat. Pour the substrate solution of fungicide, place the prepared seeds on the soil surface and cover the container with glass cover or transparent film.
Place a receptacle with dioneya in a place where it will be possible to maintain the air temperature within 25 degrees. Using the fluorescent lamp, arrange in a hot-house sixteen-hour day. Dionea seeds germinate within 2-4 weeks. After the flycatchers will have 2-3 leaves, begin to ventilate the container.
In spring and summer the dioneya can be kept outdoors. Do not change the position of plants relative to the light source. In order not to compact the soil and deprive the roots of oxygen, water a flower by the pallet. To do this, dissolve a drop of 99% formic acid in 10 liters of distilled water. Pour the acidic liquid into a bowl, standing beneath the pot of dioneya so that the water layer was not thinner than half a centimeter. During the spring-summer season maintain this level of liquid in the pan.
For the normal development of dioneya needs a period of rest which lasts 3-4 months. To give the plant the right conditions, within 30 days gradually lower the temperature in the room where the flower, up to 5 degrees. With the reduction of daylight hours the plant becomes dormant. It is possible to pack the container with dioneya in a plastic bag with holes for ventilation and put it in the refrigerator. Once a month, rinse the pot with distilled water.
In early spring spray overwintering a flytrap with a solution "EPIN-extra" prepared with glass distilled water and a couple drops of. A day later transplant the plant into fresh soil, taking care not to touch the traps.
In the process of growth dioneya forms daughter bulbs from which you can get a new Flycatcher. To propagate the flower in this way, separate the bulbs with a pair of developed roots from the parent plant, slice sprinkle crushed charcoal and place the plant material in fresh soil. Such an operation should not be done more than once every 3 years.