A list of poisonous houseplants is quite large. In their ranks there is a very beautiful and seemingly harmless flowers, but in fact they can cause considerable damage to health.

1. Ivy
Ivy is a delicate vine with aerial roots. It looks very nice and can decorate any apartment. However, not all is as rosy as it might seem at first glance. Its leaves are toxic and affect rodents. If your home has animals, place ivy so that they could not get to him.

2. Fats
It's a miniature tree with bright shiny leaves, reaching a width of up to 35 cm to take Care of her needs with caution and try not to damage leaves. That they contain toxic substances. If you have small children and Pets, put the plant in a remote place.

3. Dieffenbachia
This plant is often found in apartments. It looks very attractive and beautiful, but it is dangerous juice. In contact with mucous membranes it causes a strong burning sensation, and in rare cases, respiratory arrest. Dieffenbachia can put in the homes of small children and animals. If you make a ranking of the most dangerous plants, she rightfully takes the first place.

4. Aglaonema
Is a beautiful plant with narrow leaves with silver markings or white spots. Juice aglaonema, when applied to the skin, causes intense itching and irritation. Place it away from children and while caring take care not to damage the leaves.

5. Epipremnum
This vine is a frequent inhabitant of the offices and various public places as it does not require special care. Substances contained in it, and cause severe poisoning. That is why scindapsus desirable to keep at home.

6. Nightshade
This group gets nightshade, pen and browallia. These plants are dangerous to keep in the house with young children. Toxic substances contained in them cause poisoning. The first symptoms: vomiting, drowsiness and pain in the abdomen.

7. Family amarilio
Treat him there, Amaryllis, and other hymenocallis. Of course, these plants are very beautiful in bloom, but they are best avoided if you have Pets who may taste poisonous leaves and bulbs.