Advice 1: How to dance better than anyone

Dancing is such a thing, the success it achieves is not immediately. To dance well, you need to practice every day to develop your body with the mind. Need to find professional dancers who teach you all things, and pay them lots of money. But if the goal is, you'll get all.
How to dance better than anyone
Hard practice. If you are addicted to Irish dancing, for example, it does not mean that you don't need to train hands, despite the fact that they are in Irish dance are not used. Any dance requires total good physical shape. Generally speaking, it is better to do several dances: one type of dancing - seriously, the others - so, as a reference, in order to train other muscles and learn to better understand their body and better manage them.
You should be able to come to the dance with the intelligence and know when the muscles tense, then to do some stretching. The main danger when you exercise, not stretching is that the muscles become shorter and lose its original flexibility. This applies for any exercise (running, gym), you can't neglect this and when dancing. So, as much as you hated to do the "butterfly" and "the splits", do it and you will not regret.
Work on technique. Dancing is not only a sport, not so much sport as art. Here is a very important plastic, sense of rhythm, knowledge of music, ability to move in the team and with all this to smile and exude happiness, no one will assign you the title of best dancer, if you dance with a sour face.
To learn how to dance better than anyone, you first need to talk with someone who at this stage dances better than you. There are such people, you are not the only star in the sky. So take from them all that they can to give you: training techniques, movement, a special combination. Borrow all good: how to tune in a positive way to diet, from basic moves to methods of applying makeup for the stage. You'll see - soon you will teach them.
Before you seek to "jump over themselves", think, and so if you need it. Best of all you dance still did not learn. You can beat all of salsa, but hates to dance tango or to stand as a post on a club party. If you are a Pro, dance should first and foremost bring you pleasure - physical, aesthetic. The dance - a great alternative to the boring gym, if you are aiming to keep yourself in shape. The main thing is not to give life to the dance and give dance to paint life in bright colors.

Advice 2: How to learn to dance club dance

With the help of modern dance can achieve a beautiful and flexible body, learn the original move, to relax and to become the hero of any party and discos. Club dancing is extremely popular today, and many people dream to learn them, but don't know where to start. Many do not have enough time and energy to go to the dance Studio and to engage with the teacher, but with modern technology you have a great opportunity to practice dancing at home. Indoor activities will help you master the basics of club dance and continue to improve their skills.
How to learn to dance club dance
Of course, learning without a teacher, the tutorials and the instructions have their flaws, but at the same time, this study has a number of advantages. The main advantages of home schooling, of course, are time and financial component.
Deciding to learn to dance at home, you will save quite a large amount of money as dance classes with a teacher are many. Buy or download a good video course on club dancing, insert the disc into a computer or DVD player, and begin to engage — it does not require any additional costs.
Fundamentals of dance technique to further improve you can buy with the help of the video course, but only under the condition of regular job. Make yourself home schedule. Do not skip classes — only the regular work will bring noticeable results.
In home training is very important volitional component of the house is no teacher who will give you tasks and monitor their implementation. In the process, over the course not worry about anything else.
Get dressed for your workout as comfortably and easily. Fitted top or t-shirt, shorts or sweatpants, socks or ballet shoes — these clothes are well suited for training.
In the room in which you are dancing, must be a big mirror in which you are reflected in the full-length and free space, measuring at least 2x2 m
However, there are also negative aspects of home schooling. The main disadvantage of such studies is the lack of a competent teacher, who is always personally correct your mistakes and will teach you based on your plastics and your abilities. Video courses do not have this. In addition, playing at home can trigger the development of systems and constraint — group work is liberating and helps to gain confidence in public speaking.
Useful advice
Doing home, you do not limit yourself in time — engaged at any time when you are free, do not work or study. You don't have to adjust to the schedule of the trainer and also you are not restricted to a one and a half hours of classes. Also you don't have to waste time on the way from home to Studio and back. At home you do not risk to miss a lesson through illness or due to work.

Advice 3: Dance as a sport

In the human perception of the sport is football, basketball, hockey, running, swimming... the Sports world today is very diverse and the choice of direction lies with the man. There are some sports where it is interesting to observe the participants. Where the race starts sight. One of such directions - ballroom-sports dances.
Dance as a sport

Grace in strength or a bit of history

Sports dances have their origin in the distant past, when during the balls on the floor and performed a waltz, a quadrille, Boston and many other dances and in the villages the people were dancing under the lady and the bull's eye. Later came groups of dancers, who constantly replenish your stock of knowledge and developed abilities. Further, formed associations, unions and other such dance organizations. Were held competitions among dancers. In the recent past, due to the constant dynamic development and regularly rising the results of ballroom dancing changed their name to sports and competitions up to these competitions and tournaments.

And here begins the show! The viewer is immersed in the ocean of passion. Crazy rhythm, the passion, the brilliance of the fire in the eyes of the contestants makes my heart race. And the next moment the viewer is floating in a soft and mysterious cloud of tender waltz.

And now a little about the earth

Ballroom dance involve couples. It often happens that you find a partner, that boy pretty hard. And, growing up, the boy-dancer can give preference to a power or team sports. The girl will again have to start searching for the pair. Frequent workouts, trips to competitions require considerable physical and material inputs. Do not forget about expensive suits. If, on balance, a positive decision very soon parents with bated breath will watch over his small but brighter burgeoning star!

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