Advice 1: How to remove Tartar at home

Tartar is formed even with regular and thorough care for the oral cavity. The color of the deposits on the teeth is different, but has a distinct coloration from coffee and nicotine. But the tone of Tartar does not affect the method of its removal, except that you should pay attention to the condition of the enamel. If the teeth are sensitive, it is better not to remove the stone to the full restoration of their health, otherwise you only do harm.
How to remove Tartar at home
Well helps to cope with Tartar electric toothbrush, but the head must be of hard material. If you have had the unfortunate experience of brushing teeth miracle of technology, purchase a regular brush with stiff bristles. Be careful, even if your teeth do you just fine, but the gums poor brushing hard tooth brush can cause bleeding and worsening of stomatitis or gingivitis.
Whitening toothpastes contain abrasive particles that are removed by mechanical destruction of the stone with the teeth. Only high-quality and expensive pasta can cope with the sum that they contain active substances that for a couple of abrasive dissolve and clean off the stone.
Can use for whitening and removing Tartar ordinary baking soda. On a wet brush, add a little baking soda and thoroughly clean your teeth, then just rinse with clean warm water. With regular use available cleaning your teeth Shine in natural white.
Mix the whisper of baking soda, a little salt and a few drops of lemon juice with toothpaste. The resulting composition brush your teeth twice a week. The result will be noticeable with the first treatment, but over time it will increase.
Useful advice
If any of the procedures you have sensitive teeth or bleeding gums, on time Express his idea. As soon as the condition is normalized, and it takes at least two weeks, unable to continue the fight Tartar.

Advice 2 : How to treat plaque

Plaque, or as they are called "dental stone" – have 80% of people. These deposits from food residues, Kumanovo epithelium, bacteria, and calcium and phosphate salts. At first, the rough part of the cervix of the tooth soft plaque accumulated, on which a deposited solid lime salts. The plaque is sealed and covers the entire tooth in the gums. Plaque most often occurs on the teeth, less involved in chewing, so is deteriorating natural cleaning.
How to treat plaque
Tartar is the result of inadequate oral hygiene and the habit of chewing on one side of the jaw and avoid solid foods. Intensive dental deposits can also be observed in disturbed metabolism and certain diseases of the internal organs.
To prevent the emergence of Tartar, often need to eat solid food – apples, fresh carrots, cabbage. Need to brush your teeth at least twice a day, since plaque starts to Deposit on teeth in 2 hours after a meal.
Pigmented spots on the teeth can try to clean with toothpaste, powdered baking soda. For these purposes, use a wooden toothpick, the tip of which is kneaded to the state of the brush, dip it in baking soda and gently wipe the stain in the tooth. This should be done carefully so as not to damage the gums. It is impossible for teeth whitening to use acid and other chemicals.
Tartar can cause inflammation of the gums, intoxication and bad smell from the mouth. To treat plaque – means to remove it. Therefore, for removing dental calculus need to go to the dentist. Clean the teeth with stones is impossible.
To remove Tartar you need to visit the dentist every six months. In modern dentistry, there are a lot of technologies.
In the first stage plaque and the stone is removed by ultrasound and hand tools. Specially ground tools used for these purposes, exclude damage tooth enamel. The root of the tooth is treated with ultrasound.
In the second stage of cleaning is polishing the teeth. Further polishing. For polishing teeth using special toothpaste and ultrasonic instruments with a plastic smooth tips.
To make the process of removing dental plaque and Tartar and painless, local anesthesia used is anesthetic blockade injections or treat the oral cavity lidocainum spray.
The treatment of this disease consists in mechanical removal of Tartar special ultrasound device or metal tools. Dentists recommend checkups 2 times a year, then removal of the resulting stone will be quick and painless.
Useful advice
Only about disease and treatment. What is Tartar. Tartar is the hardened lime deposits formed on the surface of the teeth (usually in the cervical area of the tooth). Improper care of oral cavity in between teeth and in the neck of the teeth are food particles that serve as excellent breeding ground for various microorganisms, including pathogens.
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