Utter nonsense


Really there are still people who believe in this nonsense? To lose weight using only activated carbon is impossible. Everyone is looking for the easy way, but it does not happen. Two years ago I too fell for the bait. 3 months sitting in the corner. No kg is not gone! Necessarily in the complex must be diet and an active lifestyle, but then the result will achieve no coal!

Coal is a good helper


Have heard that activated charcoal helps in the fight against excess weights. We all know such properties of activated carbon as a conclusion of toxins from the body, toxins and also excess fats. Decided to try it. For the month dropped 4 kg, feel the lightness. The result on the face! I'm sure that helped the coal, because to receive such results could not be achieved.

To lose weight easily


Activated carbon is one of the organic medications. It cleanses the body, removes toxins and unnecessary substances from the body.But I think with a single large coal result is hard to achieve, it is necessary to apply other methods of weight loss, for example, physical activity.Exercise will help rid your body of unwanted deposits, and the excess calories accumulated. And activated carbon never hurt anyone, so try and lose weight.

My experience with coal


Really wanted to lose weight for this summer and spring I stumbled on the Internet for prescription weight loss with the intake of activated charcoal. Observe the recommended diet but, unfortunately, did not help at all. Yes, coal is really a good absorbent, but to neutralize all the excess fats it should seem very much. In General, I was dissatisfied.

Activated carbon for weight loss


I myself have tried methods of weight loss with activated charcoal. I can say for sure that this method works. In this case a diet strictly is not respected, just a little to limit yourself in fatty and sweet foods. Activated charcoal in the diet is accepted under the scheme - within 10 days from the morning until food is taken 1 tablet per 10 kg of body weight. I like this option came up that are not necessarily strongly restrict your diet. With activated charcoal I was able to throw 6 kg, and the good things that I absolutely did not feel uncomfortable.

activated carbon for weight loss review


Heard of this method, as activated carbon for weight loss. Initially doubted his work. And, frankly, nothing. Started taking it according to instructions, no result felt. Probably in combination with appropriate diet he can be effective, but for me it is inconclusive.

The myth of a coal diet


By themselves, coal pills don't lead to weight loss. They just improve intestinal health, collect for themselves the stuff out of the body. But if, excuse me, to eat everything and in excessive amounts, no coal will help, though weight eat it. First of all, you need to reduce the amount of food eaten per day. In any case not to overeat and not to eat at night. That in itself will lead to weight normalization. Well, three tablets, three times a day for 2-3 months.

And you can clean up


Often come across reviews of charcoal as a means to reduce the body weight. Even famous people are attracted here. Activated carbon is the sorbent. His task is to absorb and output. But he is so constituted, hundred excess fat beyond him. But I'm stubborn, tried it. I must say that you need to drink more, otherwise the coal much all will connect. If there are problems with blood vessels, swelling may appear. Changes in stool were observed, except for color. Ate as usual. Two weeks later I stepped on the scale – score of minus 1 kg. It is about nothing. Just cleaned the intestines. True ease in this compartment is still present. In General, activated charcoal is a great alternative to cleansing enemas.

Activated charcoal slimming


Personally, I tried to drink activated charcoal in the morning on empty stomach to remove toxins from the body. Acts as a laxative, and absorbent. It is best to drink 1 tablet per 10kg own weight. For example: if you weigh 53 kg you need to drink 5 tablets. If weight 58 kg it is possible to drink 6 tablets. You can drink it no more than 10 days. Lose weight of course it did not help me, but the intestines cleaned.