Ceramic pan


I love to eat the fried eggs from the frying pan. Well, I like that and all! And so the pan doesn't stick! The Teflon plug all the coating scratched quickly. Cast iron is too heavy. Aluminum is harmful to health. I bought a frying pan with a ceramic coating. It is more resistant to damage. Three month use, as new!

My favorite pan


I always liked the pans in which the food is not prigoraet. Previously used Teflon pans, but they have a big flaw: is a bit scratched - all the coating came off, the pan can be thrown away. About a year ago I bought a frying pan with a ceramic coating. He also said that he is not prigoraet and the coverage is better. Indeed! Until thrown out. (Not spoiled yet)))). At a price, of course more came, but not much. It's worth it!

Wonderful pan!


The remarkable properties of the pan with ceramic coating! You can fry without oil, or at least it, nothing sticks and it's not. Fried toast every morning, burgers - awesome, lush and juicy. Everything is prepared quickly and without the hassle of washing dishes! Frying pan something to hide, my dear, but believe me, it is the money spent worth it!

All the Department has updated ceramic pan


The employee recently had a birthday, she collected money, went to choose a gift that money to climb (we have a small Department) and to the soul. Woman she's a Keeper, troublesome, loves to cook. The meaning and chose her frying pan with ceramic coating neutral color. Presented with the condition - the first dish of ours! The next day together eating pizza (just cooked on the stove), frying pans from the employee happy, nothing stuck, in General, pleased. Now think of yourself, or what to buy, my pans are very old...

Frying pan with ceramic coating


In our family the basic and festive meals are prepared by men. Therefore, it is important for me, what utensils to cook. Over the years, tried a bunch of different pans: aluminum and steel coated with Teflon, cast iron, enamelled. Currently I use a frying pan with a ceramic coating and is very happy. It lacks many of the shortcomings inherent in the dishes with other coatings and has undeniable merits. First, durability: it has been 2 years since I use, but I don't see any defects on the surface. Secondly, the food does not burn and most importantly does not stick to Teflon: really good pancakes. Thirdly, no scratches: you can use a knife without wooden blades. Finally, the final touch is the versatility, you can cook everything from meat to pancakes with mushrooms.

Amazing ceramic coating


Saw an infomercial frying pans with ceramic coating and was impressed. Found similar at a hardware store and decided to try the miraculous properties of the vessel. First baked pancakes - nothing about the bread, even the first pancake was not lumpy! tried to fry a chicken breast without oil - nothing happened, absolutely light. I would advise to buy a pan with ceramic coating people who for health reasons cannot eat fatty meals. Of course,the cost of the pan is not cheap, but it's worth it! Yes, and throw it, not drop it is recommended that ceramic will break away and nothing can be done.

Ceramics now in fashion


I succumbed to the suggestion about eco-friendliness, safety and the like and has acquired a super pan with a coating of ceramic. Obvious advantages - in fact, does not stick, easy to cook different types of food, and earlier on one pan pancakes are good, the burgers stew. Months for the exploit, trying not to expose temperature extremes, like everything is in order. Of the minuses - not in the dishwasher to wash, but it's not so important. Ceramic pan so bad to clean.

Pan is above all praise

Simonova Marina

Unpacking the gifts in the day of his birth, in one of the boxes was frying pan with ceramic coating, heard before, but is applied in practice for the first time. I can say that the effect has exceeded all my expectations, so it's nice to cook in a pot. Nothing is burnt, and the vegetables are stewed nearly dry, only taking a weak fire, and tightly covered with a lid. And looks very aesthetically pleasing. I recommend to everyone.

Frying pan with ceramic coating


Frying pan with ceramic coating, is simply amazing!!! Now the usual utensils, will move to the country by far! The life of the pan will depend on the manufacturer of the dishes and of course from the owner first.
Ceramic coating ensures healthy cooking, convenient to use,allows you to safely cook at high temperatures, does not emit dangerous carcinogenic substances,requires minimal amount of fat food does not stick and does not change appearance even after repeated use and washing.