My homemade yogurt


My maker gave me a sister. To the device attached manual for the preparation of delicious yogurt. Usually take a liter of milk and one yogurt store. It is written that you can use your ready, but I like to shop without additives, as the home does not always work consistency to the required thickness. In the finished yogurt add frozen berries or cut fruit. The baby loved it!

Review of the yogurt maker


Yogurt maker home - another handy thing for creating healthy products for your family. The starter usually buy store-bought yogurt, because the home over time loses its properties. Add to taste jam or fresh berries in the summer (not a shop, and from the garden) and a little sugar. For three years the yogurt maker works flawlessly.



Yogurt as a product is characterized by its usefulness, and not as the chemicals from the store, so for the sake of health favourite of kids bought the yogurt maker. Previously, the thermos had to be operated, to Tinker, and now to make yoghurt - a real pleasure! For approximately eight to ten hours at home using a yogurt maker. there are more liters filled with healthy bifidobacteria yogurt, and only the imagination dictate the cooking taste: you can add jam, nuts or raisins.

Opinion flawlessly.


Yogurt maker received as a gift from my mom. It was a real yogurt the first time - followed the instructions: a little warmed milk, I added yogurt (with fruit, not plain), waited the required time and here it is, delicious and, most importantly, useful product on my Desk! Children are fed only home-made yoghurt. By the way, for fermentation you can use your yogurt instead of buying the store. And the cost of yogurt is lower than the purchase.

Yogurtnitsa Moulinex


Long read about this miracle device, and heard a lot of conflicting reviews but decided to buy. I was pleasantly surprised by this yogurtnitsy. Did as of a special ferment, and add yogurt. Taste just like regular yogurt, without all the fillers. After cooking, you can add everything from fruits ending with all kinds of sweets.

Live yoghurt


I bought a yogurt maker specifically for children. In the store, of course, also you can buy, but painfully there are a lot of concentrates of all sorts. I can not believe that beneficial bacteria can live in such a neighborhood. But I use all just. Poured warm milk added the yeast and covered it and set the time and everything. Usually make yogurt at night. So it was fresh this morning. By the way, the yeast you buy at the pharmacy, there is a special bacteria for yogurt, and kefir, and sour cream. Store not use, consider that bacteria do not live there, so make them homemade yogurt is ridiculous.

Homemade yogurt - delicious


Everyone in my family love yogurt and the store is not always possible to buy a quality product and is very important to me the health of my children. Reading is not one opinion, I use up in my kitchen, bought in the online store. Making yogurt is very easy, all you need is milk and a special starter. And another is to follow the instructions. The yogurt turns out very tasty, especially if you add fresh fruit or jam.