You will need
  • - watermelon;
  • - masking tape;
  • children's pen;
  • paper;
  • - scissors;
  • - a sharp knife;
  • - toothpicks;
  • - a variety of fruits.
Lay the watermelon on the flat side so that he was lying on the table is quite stable. If all sides round – cut one of the edges to make the bottom. It is important to immediately determine where the basket is a handle that it turned out smooth and beautiful, the watermelon should lie on your side and not at the end.
Locate the "equator" of watermelon, the center stick masking tape. Children's non-toxic felt-tip pen, which washed off with water, draw a straight line along the watermelon. Locate the center lines on the sides and connect with duct tape, draw a line with a Sharpie pen.
On paper, draw a patterned stencil of the handle. It may be a rhombus or a circle with a hole in the center, or any other figure. As long as it is repeated along the length of the handle is an integer number of times. Attach the stencil to the beginning of the pen, glue tape and draw around it with a marker. Then peel off and attach above and circle again. Therefore draw the entire handle of the basket.
Similarly, create a patterned edge of the basket. Apply the stencil (same or different) and tracing it with a Sharpie while the whole region will not be delicate. If necessary, the chain can slightly overlap each other or, conversely, to disperse.
Start cutting the basket. Take a small sharp knife, better with teeth. On the drawn contour sawing motion, cut the watermelon on both sides. If the pattern is too delicate, can be cut near the contour, leaving fine work for later.
Gently clean the watermelon with a pen, then worked out the fine details. Cut teeth on the edges of the basket out of a watermelon, small holes, hearts, circles.
When the basket is ready, decorate it with fruit. In the center you can put any fruit – strawberries, grapes, slices of watermelon or melon, peaches, etc. Some fruits can decorate the handle, the edge or external surface of the fruit basket, use of a toothpick.