You will need
  • - large wicker basket with high handle durable;
  • - fruits and berries to your taste.
Carefully collect the fruit. Going to the store for future content of the basket, carefully think through what you want to see. It is important to take into account the fact that not all fruits are able to withstand several hours in the heat, especially in the form of a cut.
Take a basket of the required size and start to fill it. As long as it was not too deep, otherwise you will have to put the fruit in a heap at the bottom.
Bottom put those fruits that you don't want to cut it. It can be bananas (better to take a sort of Mini, that should not be divided into parts that will leave them fresh and not darkened much longer), a small-size apples, peaches, pears and tangerines.
The upper part should be laid in any pattern so that the fruit did not look disorderly. For example, lay them in circles or divide the area of the basket into sections. Cut kiwi, mango, melon and any other fruit to your taste (you can take those that is already hidden in the bottom layer). Place them in the basket and inspect it, moving away a little to the side. From afar will be easier to see which of them need a little shift or no shift.
Decorate fruits berries. Take a few varieties of berries and sprinkle them right on top of the fruit. The order need not be obeyed, they will bring a slice of disharmony.
Decorate the basket handle. Take the sewing thread in her tone, a few grapes break into small sprigs. Attach them to the handle and gently tie the branches. The grapes should fit snugly and firmly. Your guests can pluck the berries directly from the handle of the basket.