To adjust the buttons on the mouse to change the standard settings, go to the corresponding program. Open the "start menu" and select "control Panel". You will see labels for all interfaces on the computer. Choose "Mouse": click on it twice with the left button.
Before you manage menu of the mouse. By default, the standard button functions: the left is designed to highlight the characters, dragging them, and to open programs. The right button opens a menu of additional tasks that you can perform with the selected object. This arrangement of commands is convenient for those who work with mouse right hand. If you are left handed, you can easily change the value of the main buttons, putting the box "switch primary and secondary buttons". This feature is adjustable in the Configuration of the buttons of the mouse". Set the desired command, confirm your action by clicking "Apply" and "OK".
In the Buttons section of the mouse" you can set the controls according to your preferences. Select the speed at which double-clicking will open the folder. Adjusting the position of the pointer between "above" and "below", before you open the markup, select optimal speed open the folder and click "OK". To check the convenience settings you can in the same control window, clicking on the virtual folder located next to the markup.
Enable the stuck mouseif you don't want to click on a folder at work. One the cursor is on the required label will highlight it and clicking the left button will open the folder or activates a program.
If your mouse has an extra button, use it to replace the double click with the left button of the mouse.
To adjust the speed of movement of the cursor in the section "pointer Options" in the control menu of the mouse. Adjust the position of the pointer on the layout of the speed between "above" and "below". Click "Apply" and "OK" by selecting a convenient rate for you.