You will need
  • Fabric, thread, scissors, paper, and needle, a pencil, a piece of soap or chalk, sewing machine
You must first build a drawing of the pattern for which is removed the following sizes: neck circumference, chest circumference, waist diameter, the length of the shelves, the depth of the armhole, the length of the back, sleeves and length of the product. Next on a large sheet of paper draw all the details of the Bathrobeand separately, in addition to symmetrical. Remember that when stitching all the detail is lost of the material to the seams, cuffs and podvoroty, and the collar may have a double layer of cloth, then it is stitched from the wrong side and then turned over. So be sure to leave the stock edges when drawing, at least 4 cm.
How to sew women's <strong>gown</strong>
Cut templates out of paper, put them on the fabric, trace with a dry soap and start smachivanie all the details. Do it big stitches, preferably by threads, with contrasting color material.
How to sew women's <strong>gown</strong>
Further having a fitting, make your adjustments to Your liking by changing the location of the sour cream seams.
Prostrochite basic details of the Bathrobe. Sleeves and cuffs are sewn podvorotni last. Remove the stitches, smachiwausa Your Bathrobe.
How to sew women's <strong>gown</strong>
Determine how you will be committed Bathrobe, i.e., buttons or belt. Mimetite loop on the machine. If You decide to do the belt, then, knowing the diameter of the waist, and to determine the width of the belt, you will be able easily to carve out the time. Also keep in mind podvorot, loss of material at the seams or that the belt is double-sided. Sew it on the wrong side and turn after that.
How to sew women's <strong>gown</strong>